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Tapping the Energy

by Spurgeon

I've always been highly sensitive to sensory stimuli, and I love investigating scientific phenomena. I used to take toys apart to fix them if they were broken or just to study how they worked. I remember being ten years old and feeling energy streaming through my body, creating visual patterns, wrapping me in its waves. I would watch how that breath shifted the sensations in my body. 

Connection To Energy

When I recognized that I could move energy around in my body, I began to experiment with it. In stressful situations, I worked with my breath and found ways to calm myself. I learned how to use my mind to speed up my heart rate. Almost like a party trick, I would have someone put their hand over my heart, and I'd say, “Watch this.” They'd be amazed to feel my heart start to beat faster. 

I studied martial arts as a teenager to learn to control the energy throughout my body. As an adult, I wanted to know how all these skills I was learning could be put to use in the world, in connection with other people. I studied anything to do with energy and all sorts of meditation. Then I found OM. 

Orgasmic Meditation & Energy

Orgasmic Meditation offered rich, tactile experiences to be with that energy in connection. I especially like the grounding step of the OM, where the stroker places their hands on their partner’s thighs, adding a firm and still pressure. It’s the first point of physical and energetic connection. I can immediately feel my partner. We synch into the experience together. In Orgasmic Meditation, I can feel the energy that I have always felt, yet it moves in a co-creative, shared experience between me and my partner. 

Something about being with another person in this energy I had previously only experienced alone has helped me develop my intuition and to feel my emotions more. I have learned to be more solid in myself in places where I used to get lost in another person’s energy. I can stay solid in myself while I am with other people. I feel more relaxed, which has benefited my life and my work.

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