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Published April, 2024

Background on Orgasmic Meditation, Nicole Daedone, OneTaste, and the Eros-Inspired Companies and Non-profits

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What Is OneTaste?

What Does the Name OneTaste Mean?

The Vision of OneTaste and OM

What Are Orgasmic Meditation and Eros and Where Did They Come From?

Is the Goal of Orgasmic Meditation Climax?

What Is the Science Behind Orgasmic Meditation?

Who Is Nicole Daedone?

Key Terms and Definitions




Orgasmic Meditation (OM)

Mystical State

Erotic Impulse


Eros-Inspired Companies & Nonprofits

Institute of OM LLC

The Eros Platform by OneTaste

OneTaste Art School

The OM App by OneTaste

Nicole Daedone Retreat

Soulmaker Press

The Land Retreat Center

Unconditional Freedom

Free Food

The Prison Monastery

Women Over Dinner

Institute of OM Foundation

How Can I learn more about OM and Eros?


Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice that aims to bring us to a mystical state, so that we may become more intimate with ourselves, others, and the world. By harnessing sexual energy, the practice of OM provides access to peak states of consciousness, akin to the marriage of flow and meditation that shifts individuals into eudaimonic well-being. We have found OM to be the safest, most accelerated, reliable, and sustainable way to access flow and the mystical state. This packet introduces the company OneTaste, the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, and the philosophy of Eros.

What is OneTaste?

OneTaste Incorporated was founded in 2004 by Nicole Daedone and Robert Kandell in San Francisco to bring the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and the philosophy of Eros into the world. What began as a community organization, with few classes and primarily consisting of deep practitioners of Orgasmic Meditation, began the transition in 2012 into a more formal business, offering instruction in Orgasmic Meditation. The company eventually opened centers around
the United States and later Western Europe. From 2012 to 2018, over 35,000 people attended OneTaste introductory events and courses.

What Does the Name OneTaste Mean?

The name OneTaste is drawn from the Buddhist notion of “one taste,” the idea that despite the diverse appearances of phenomena, at root there is a single flavor to all existence. Renowned French Buddhist scholar Matthieu Ricard describes the practice of one taste, which, as he wrote, “consists in experiencing pleasure and pain, comfort and discomfort, harmonious or discordant sounds, good or bad-tasting food with the same equanimity. It has nothing to do with apathy or indifference, nor are the five senses in any way dulled. It is rather a matter of allowing physical sensations to manifest in the vast space of awareness and not in the narrow space of a selective, anxious mind torn between what it likes and does not like, what it desires or rejects on the basis of hope or apprehension. When one is sufficiently trained in this practice, external perceptions and internal sensations are felt with equal clarity, but our mind is not disproportionately disturbed by attraction or aversion” (Matthieu Ricard, Notebooks of a Wandering Monk).

Finally, the Buddha is believed to have said, “Just as the great ocean has one taste, the taste of salt, so too does liberation, the taste of truth.” The company name OneTaste highlights this focus on this taste of truth, and the exploration of how to meet all conditions with consciousness for collective liberation.

The Vision of OneTaste and OM

The vision of OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is to transition the entire culture, and eventually the world, into a eudaimonic structure, one of human flourishing. This will be achieved through the training of the mind, powered by Eros, to access mystical states and one’s unique genius. This shift is from a mind looking at problems, to one looking at potential. We view life as art, exploring how to thrive in ever-deepening creativity. This ambitious goal encompasses a holistic approach to societal and individual well-being, integrating various innovative projects and practices that embody the principles of eudaimonia in diverse areas of life.

1. Orgasmic Meditation (OM): At the heart of OneTaste’s practice is OM, a partnered practice that involves 15 minutes of one partner stroking another partner’s clitoris with the intention of reaching a mystical state. This practice is a direct application of the philosophy of Eros, aiming
to harness the power of Erotic energy for spiritual and personal growth, fostering deeper connections, and accessing higher states of consciousness.

2. The Sutras: Serving as the written philosophy of Eros, the Sutras are an agnostic system
that welcomes all religious, cultural, and social beliefs and practices that benefit humanity and
the earth. They provide a framework for understanding the foundational truths of the universe, guiding individuals and communities toward a more harmonious, interconnected existence, where separation is seen as the culprit and intimacy with all life as the cure.

3. Erotic Justice: The vision includes a radical reimagining of social justice into Erotic justice, where the dignity of every individual and group is recognized through their unique contributions. This is manifested in initiatives such as turning prisons to monasteries, revitalizing food ghettos with fresh farm foods, and ending desertification of the soil.This approach aims to nurture both humans and the earth, practicing rewilding and bringing forth the unique gifts of marginalized populations.

By focusing on healing, spiritual growth, and the gifts of the feminine realms, OneTaste and OM seek to create a world where eudaimonia is not just an ideal but a lived reality. Harnessing Eros to convert blocked potential and creativity, individuals learn to transform poison to medicine. The aim is to foster an environment where every person can thrive, contributing to a global shift toward joy, creativity, and abiding play. Love, in all its expressions, is the carrier signal for this profound transformation to a eudaimonic world.

What are Orgasmic Meditation and Eros, and where did they come from?

Orgasmic Meditation is a partnered practice with a specific structure that includes fifteen minutes of stroking, activating the body’s biology to achieve a flow state. By harnessing the Erotic impulse and training one’s attention on sensation with no objective other than to feel, individuals can reach high-level mystical and meditative states. OM is unique in that individuals achieve these states in connection with another human being, unlike a monk alone in a cave or an individual meditating alone in their room. The practice is highly protocoled, and mechanisms of consent are baked in.

Orgasmic Meditation has an incredibly rich and sophisticated system of inquiry that underlies it: the philosophy of Eros. This philosophy is now encapsulated in the five volumes of The Eros Sutras, four of which have been published by Soulmaker Press, with the fifth volume slated for publication in 2024. Unlike other philosophies, The Eros Sutras place the body and its wisdom, feminine values, and modes of operating at their core. It is simply a system of inquiry; one does not need to let go of any other belief, tradition, or system to engage with The Eros Sutras. A central tenet of the Erotic is that you decide what’s true for you.

Is the Goal of Orgasmic Meditation Climax?

No, the goal of Orgasmic Meditation is not climax. In Orgasmic Meditation, both practitioners are aiming for what is called the ‘Orgasm State.’ The Orgasm State can be described as an expansive state, a gateway to a deeper connection with oneself, others, and all of life. It’s about surrendering to the flow of Erotic energy that can lead to profound states of consciousness, where the boundaries between the self and the other can dissolve, leading to a sense of unity and profound intimacy. On-going, independent, peer-reviewed science from top researchers in the United States is beginning to validate these findings. More information on these studies on that can be found at

The emphasis on the ‘Orgasm State’ as opposed to climax is a departure from the effort to achieve climax, which most people associate with any activity involving stimulation of the genitals (sex, “foreplay,” etc.). Practitioners do, at times, experience climax in OM; however, this is far more rare than most would expect. In a study conducted by Dr. Nicole Prause, researching people practicing OM, only 11.4% of participants reported climax (24 out of 210).

This statistic is on par with anecdotal evidence collected over the years of training tens of thousands of people in practice, including over 400 stories from OM practitioners on

Additionally, in related scientific studies, OM practitioners report their experience with Orgasmic Meditation as more akin to traditional sitting meditation than to sex.

What is the Science Behind Orgasmic Meditation?

Since 2018, nine studies have been approved by Institutional Review Boards (IRB), resulting in five peer-reviewed published papers and three other papers. One study is in process regarding OM as a modality for addressing those suffering from PTSD symptoms. The full scope of research studies and findings can be found at

Select findings include:

Who is Nicole Daedone?

Nicole Daedone is the creator of Orgasmic Meditation. Her books include Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm and The Eros Sutras, a five-volume, best-selling set. Daedone has written on spirituality, societal change, and women’s liberation and empowerment. She has appeared on ABC News Nightline and has been featured in The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Daily Mail (UK).

Key Terms and Definitions

Key terms to understand the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and the philosophy of Eros.


Essential energy force unifying masculine and feminine

An essential energy force that arises from our desire for connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us. It encompasses all of life, evokes beauty, and contributes to an understanding of essential truth. It seeks to unify masculine and feminine energies and manifests as creativity and genius.


State of human flourishing

A Greek word combining the prefix eu (meaning good or well) and daimon (meaning spirit) describes the state of human flourishing that arises when we act in accord with our nature and live in our funktionslust or on the spot of our soul. When living a life of Eudaimonia, we are in a virtuous cycle where we receive more power, and in receiving more power, we can connect more deeply to our purpose.


A state of being fully engaged in life

In Eros, orgasm is different from how society typically views it. In the everyday world, orgasm is the peak moment in a sexual experience, the climax where people have bodily contractions leading to a release, and then it is over. In Eros, orgasm is a much broader experience. It is an expansive state, a gateway to deeper connection with oneself, others, and all of life. Orgasm involves the surrender to and being in flow with Erotic energy that can lead to profound states of consciousness. Orgasm is a holistic experience encompassing emotional, spiritual, and bodily sensations. The practice of Orgasmic Meditation helps individuals access this state.

Orgasmic Meditation (OM)

A partnered attention-training practice

A structured attention-training practice conducted between two people who are following a predefined set of steps. The practice involves one person, the stroker, gently stroking the clitoris of the other person, the strokee, for fifteen minutes while both place their attention on the point of contact and notice what they feel. By training the attention and harnessing sexual energy, OM provides practitioners access to mental and physiological states that promote Eudaimonia, the state of human flourishing.

Mystical State

State of being associated with transcendence and unity

A state of consciousness that is marked by a sense of connection or intimacy with all things stemming from the original Erotic impulse. The mystical state is a state of being that is beyond the rational mind and is often associated with experiences of transcendence, unity, and oneness with the universe.

Erotic Impulse

The raw, unimpeded life force within us

Referring to the raw, unimpeded life force within us that drives our creative expression, spiritual experiences, and desires. It is a potent force and an incorruptible, value-neutral guide that connects us to the world and brings us into an embodied state of being.


A constriction of energy manifesting as suffering

A buildup of undigested material which blocks our creativity. It arises when we consciously or unconsciously redirect Erotic energy away from its natural course. It feels like inflammation, a buildup of pressure. Many “problems” we experience in life, physical and emotional, are due to tumescence. We can convert tumescence and use the energy for creativity. Orgasmic Meditation is a practice that can convert tumescence.

Eros-Inspired Companies & Nonprofits

To advance human flourishing and healthy ecosystems, a group of companies and nonprofits work together with the philosophy of Eros at their foundation. While the companies work in different fields, they are united in seeing and implementing four pillars of a path to human flourishing in their work: healing, connection, liberation, and contribution. This list highlights the work these different companies and nonprofits have achieved.

Institute of OM LLC

The Eros Platform by OneTaste

The Eros Platform by OneTaste is the world’s first online monastery dedicated to the art and practice of Erotic Philosophy. The Platform offers video courses, live events, community, and renowned teachers. Website:

The Platform features hundreds of hours of premium video content; a growing library of self-paced and guided courses on topics such as intimacy, women’s power, play, and addiction; over six hours of daily live events with senior faculty and guests such as Nicole Daedone, OneTaste co-founder, Vanessa Lengies, co-star in Glee and Stick It, Jay Davis, peace activist and poet, and Beth Wareham, NY Times best-selling developmental editor; and access to Eros AI, a search tool (similar to ChatGPT) that lets you ask any question on Erotic Philosophy and its application to life. Eros AI uses as its foundation The Eros Sutras, the Amazon National Bestselling five-volume series on Erotic Philosophy written by Orgasmic Meditation creator and OneTaste co-founder Nicole Daedone. The Platform has attracted more than 4,500 users since its launch in early 2023, with more than 500 users accessing the site weekly.


“I absolutely love the Eros Platform because for only $25 a month, I have access to all kinds of live Zoom calls on various topics plus all the recorded information! It’s been super valuable to me to be able to connect online with people from all over the world sharing experiences in Eros and inspiring me to be more in tune with my desires and creating the life I want to live! I have found so many answers to life’s dilemmas and it’s helped me handle the challenges from a new perspective that has shifted the way I present in the world! I’m so grateful for the options available to learn new things and connect with amazing souls as the Platform feeds my soul’s journey forward!!”

-Maryann B

“I love the variety of experiences I find on the Eros Platform. Every day, I have access to learning, practice, prompts for self-reflection and community. In my journey to live in more choice, with intention, and through presence, the Eros Platform has been a lovely mentor, partner, and portal.”

-Rich K

“I have been personally affected by addiction and experienced it with those closest to me, so I went into this module (The Art of Addiction), hoping to learn something new other than the old rhetoric of the addict as ‘the problem’ in the family. The material was so refreshing, a completely different take. Total absence of blame and shame. It left me feeling hopeful and revitalised. I particularly loved the reimagining of the addict as a highly creative, resourceful person. Really loving, compassionate facilitation. Highly recommend. Look forward to module two.”

-Kate W

“I love the Eros Platform! I am on there daily checking out the new things coming up. My favorite has been Art of Addiction—that class has totally shifted my perspective on addiction, something that I struggled a lot with in the past. I now have a lot more acceptance of myself and I feel more clear and purposeful in my life. I’ll keep tuning into the Platform because I want to continue to grow and love myself!”

-Matt B

“Joining the Eros Platform has been the best time investment. Every day I am able to gain insight and wisdom on how to live and feel better. My feelings are validated in this safe space, my voice is heard. After joining the Platform, I instantly felt supported in my journey to unleash my power! I am so grateful for Eros.”

-Kara V

“I had tried many avenues of healing before finding Eros. While many were great, none have transformed me as deeply and applied to as many areas of my life as this has. The Eros Platform has been an amazing way to learn more about myself, go in-depth with practices like Orgasmic Meditation, and meet great people.”
-Lissa B

“The Eros Platform did something special. They created a platform where I can connect with all of my like-minded friends who are scattered across the entire globe. The Eros Platform brings together people who value the Eros ethos and want it woven into the fiber of their everyday lives. The courses they offer boldly go where others have been reluctant. Talking about subjects that are most important to our lives and to society overall. They offer new perspectives and a platform that fosters open communication about the societal norms that we all see no longer serve us.”
-Joe Z

“The Eros Platform is wonderful. It’s like a feast, so many ways to go in and explore. I love the Eros AI—searching a topic there to seek out an answer from The Eros Sutras, which are also on the platform. Not to mention all the events! Truly a buffet. I love it.”
-Hannah J

“I have been on the Eros Platform for almost a year now and in that time have found it to be an incredible resource for all things Eros. The Sutras, classes and events, recordings and workshops have helped me to explore more deeply Eros, myself in relation to Eros and other aspects of life from an Eros perspective. Through using these resources and interactions with the many teachings and the Platform community I have experienced so much connection and growth.”

“The Eros Platform is my go-to place for connecting and staying connected with like-minded souls. It’s a world Community of old and new spiritual friends, growing and evolving together toward a world with less suffering and way more love.”
-Patrish L

“After spending my career using my intellectual skills I felt I was missing something. That something was an intimacy, a somatic mindfulness of myself and others. This intimacy leads to deep learning, freedom, and joy. I found this within The Eros Sutras, and the Eros platform provided excellent access for study and interacting with others, helping me to identify within myself my true wisdom.”

-Jack S

“The Eros Platform is my tether. Reminding me who I am in the moments I lose sight of myself. The world is a LOUD place. Eros strips all that away.”
-Josh K

“I love the Eros Platform. The videos and events continue to inspire and deepen what is possible in my life and relationships. It feels like my heart grows stronger, larger and softer every time I listen. There’s so much on the Platform that is rich, deep and nuanced. It’s honestly my favorite channel. Thank you.”

-Denise H

“The Eros Platform is literally food for my soul. I always leave any program I listen to feeling nourished, grateful, turned on and expanded. Looking at the world through an Eros-inspired philosophy is paradigms shifting. I have benefited greatly from the Art of Addiction program which has allowed me to have so much approval and awareness of my addictive behavior that my addictions have less and less of my attention and compulsion.”

-Lucy E

OneTaste Art School

OneTaste Art School is the first 12-month training program in Erotic Philosophy and Orgasmic Meditation offered on The Eros Platform. The program began in January 2024 with 51 students and includes monthly weekend seminars, weekly small-group calls, monthly one-on-one coaching, and more. Art School explores flourishing, connection, liberation, and practice through live online teaching, practicums, guest teacher workshops, readings, videos, and exercises. Guest teachers include Dr. Vivian Siegel of MIT; Ira Silverberg, co-founder of High Risk Books; Edward Espe Brown, Zen Buddhist priest; Reverend Joanne Coleman, staff minister at Agape International Spiritual Center; and Margot Koch, artist and meditation teacher.


“I want to tell you about my experience of Art School. I am learning new ways of understanding my inner state and my power. The program has created opportunities to be creative in ways I have not been before like writing poems and video projects. Art School is providing an environment for me to gain clarity on my purpose and how I want to live my life. My experience has been rich and diverse and has exceeded my expectations.”

-Ann Justi

“Art School has been one of the most profound experiences of my growth journey as a human.
Not only are we guided through foundational concepts that equip us with the tools necessary to perceive a path of liberation and self-expression but we are also encouraged and supported by being surrounded with others on the same path. The combination of learning, application and community is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. I am enjoying it thoroughly and am confident that it is transforming my life in ways I am still happily discovering. Thank you, Art School.”
-Chelsea Thomas

“I never thought of myself as an artist, or, for that matter, even having anything of a creative nature that I felt necessary to express. I would do art sometimes, but it never seemed to be from a place
of my own drive to do it. I would do art because someone else suggested it, but never felt the
drive myself. The OneTaste Art School has steeped me into a field in which I now feel this spark of creativity in me, in a way I never felt before. I recognize this spark now as being my art. They have reframed art in a way that I get it. All those passions I’ve had through the years, those are my art. My engineering, my travels, adventures, love, all these come from that same spark inside me. I’m very excited now to see what I’m going to create next.”

-Joe Zanotelli

“Art School feels like a deeply life-enriching process that’s left the door unlocked with a saucer of milk on the floor. They say we return to where we feel most free: I know I’ll keep coming back to Art School. I imagined finally giving my ‘artwork’ attention—I’ve watched my fellow participants create the most amazing works of art—for me, this has been a slow practice of ‘living life as art’ and the art form is less important.”
-Nathan Blair

“Art School has been very powerful for me. In one of the first assignments I completely turned around the thing I like least about myself: self-doubt. I’ve never connected my self-doubt with anything positive before yet right now I see that it is why I became a teacher and why my whole career I was passionate about promoting acceptance in my classrooms and schools. Art School also taught me to alchemize my pain and turn it into fuel for beauty. I entered Art School right after a painful breakup. I produced a lot of poetry working with the pain. It wasn’t long before I saw the breakup as a gift. Now, in the third month, I am owning my womanly powers to create new relationships and new paths for self-expression. Living from my desire, I can feel myself becoming who I’ve always wanted to be by accepting who I already am.”

-Becca Gardner

“Art School has been a force for beauty and power in my life over the last three months. Its impact is on many levels from the way Sutras are transmitted via monthly theme setting to digestion in the weekly POD calls and OM Practice sessions as well as in one-on-one Sutra certification discussions. This allows for the transmission to move from the more abstract to the practical and to the deeply personal and intimate. To give but one small example from a day or so ago was when my boyfriend and I challenged each other’s most deeply and dearly held beliefs. We got through it but were left sore and in a bit of panic. In the afternoon during the OM Practice Club we read ‘Life Is an OM’ with Aubrey, and she discussed finding beauty in all things. I asked my boyfriend and myself what was beautiful in our painful day. We found so much unexpected beauty and were drawn so much closer. I found joy where in the past I would just be licking my wounds and trying to prove myself right and the other wrong! And so it is, each day, with every Sutra, from the abstract to practical to deeply personal discoveries where I find myself sitting slightly straighter, breathing slightly deeper, feeling warmth in my chest and more joy and freedom in my life.”

-Yana Analovich

“Art School is having a profound impact on me. I notice that I am slowly having more access to my desires as well as my limiting patterns. I am more and more honest with myself, allowing for inner intimacy that I didn’t have access to before. Inner intimacy is bringing about deeper intimacy in relationships with others. I am learning to savor the space of uncertainty despite the yearning to close the gap and define, rush forward, or make certain. As I learn to welcome and love the
slow sizzle of the yearning, the want, the in-between, I am noticing myself move closer to finding unconditional freedom in more and more circumstances with less need to control, make different, or more comfortable. In effect, new aspects of life feel beautiful and free. So much gratitude for this program and this community. Thank you to the team for creating this exquisite experience for us.” -Elina

“I feel fully supported in my Art School program! I love my one-on-one Sutra practitioner, the attention has had me bloom and shift in stuck spots I’ve had for so long. My small group has met once a week and I feel like I have lifelong friends and art allies in them. I’ve seen a big shift in my life in only a few months into the program.”
-Vanessa Lengies

The OM App by OneTaste

The OM App by OneTaste, offered through The Eros Platform, is a free digital application available on the web and iOS. It provides training in Orgasmic Meditation, the premier practice for accessing mystical states. The Institute of OM released the OM App in November 2022. The OM App builds on more than a decade of in-person instruction in OM to more than 12,000 people worldwide through classes offered in cities across the U.S. and internationally.

Paid users of the OM App receive access to advanced training content, including personalized lessons, recorded webinars, and audio-guided OM sessions. Since its release, more than 9,177 people have signed up to learn the practice of OM through the OM App. Website: app.

Eros Platform and OM App are operated by Institute of OM LLC. OneTaste name under license from OneTaste Inc.

Nicole Daedone Retreat

Nicole is a lover of the soul. Those who have worked with her know that her gifts are employed in pointing people toward their most honest, loving expression. A classically trained semanticist, she is a listener and unraveler of meaning and intention with the aim of getting people out of suffering and into flourishing. Retreats often include several group sessions with Nicole spread out over the length of the program, as well as time for participants to connect with nature and digest the content. Topics often revolve around the conditioned patterns we frequently find ourselves in and the path to liberation and power.


“Every live encounter I have with Nicole is transformative. She has an amazing ability to attune to people and offer with such love and acceptance precisely what would give them more freedom in their lives. I had an experience of freedom from her interaction with me in a live session I will never forget. Attending a course with her online was no exception. When she interacted with a person live in the room, it was as if she were interacting with me online. I got the benefit. I had several breakthroughs just taking in what she transmitted. I saw how I separate myself from others with my self-doubt and got a whole new view of myself as the powerful woman that I am with a new appreciation of my gifts and motivation to contribute those gifts freely. The online facilitators were perfect and I was able to digest what I was learning in the journal writing and sharing and felt totally connected and in love with the people that were online with me. I left the course totally turned on and inspired and full of creative ideas for how I want to express my gifts. I received so much from Nicole, I’ve already signed up for the next chance to be with her in a course.”

-Becca Gardner

“I recently attended the Nicole Daedone weekend at The Land and had an incredible experience. As soon as I took my first walk around the property, I felt myself breathe deeply and relax. The food was delicious and nourishing and was somehow exactly what I needed at every meal. Working with Nicole was remarkable, her deftness and precision with each person was beneficial to all and I felt like she spoke directly to the part of me that so deeply wants to be seen and expressed to its full potential. I would highly recommend this experience.”

-Rachel R

“In working with Nicole, I have accessed the depths of myself in ways I have always sought but never been able to. She has this deep and profound ability to see beneath the layers of what is not me, to the part of me that feels like wisdom and knowing. There is a soft yet direct feeling to her attention that has me feel open and loved, that has me able to love myself and express myself more honestly. There is more access to my radiance and desire as a woman, and also a feeling of gratitude and appreciation that wants to pour out. All parts of me that I have tried to cut out or shove down get to come to the surface and breathe and feel seen. After working with Nicole, I feel inspired and profoundly changed and remember who I am.”

-Sofia T

“Working with Nicole is like being with a really good friend who knows you well and loves you unconditionally. Plus she is able to help you move toward the future that is opening up for you now. It’s a real gift to give yourself time with Nicole.”
-Patrish L

“It feels like a challenge to put into words the significant impact the weekend has made in my mind and heart. I was enveloped in a community which holds connection as one of its highest values and as a participant, the experience of being welcomed and cared for was palpable, deep, and sustained— unlike anything I’ve experienced before. This was my first time meeting Nicole, and after being repeatedly moved by her writing and speaking over the last year, meeting her in person was both
an honor and a blessing. Her style of holding space is impeccable, warm, focused, clear, loving and exceptionally liberating. I will always cherish this weekend warmly in my heart and I am immensely appreciative of everyone who made it possible.”
-Chelsea T

“I recently attended Nicole’s coaching circle where I had an amazing experience. She has an uncanny ability for listening and reflecting what may be underneath what a person is actually saying. In my case, it helped me see where I tend to deflect praise and detract from my true value with self-criticism and negativity. I would highly recommend this class for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of how they relate to the world around them.”

-Alan D

“I signed up for the Nicole Daedone weekend experience at The Land as I was struggling with grief after two recent and significant losses in my life. Nicole has a unique gift of not only working one- on-one with each student in the room around their own personal questions, desires, and fears, while also simultaneously, speaking to all the questions and desires in the room. She has a unique gift of storytelling that has me feel more love, empathy, compassion, and humor for myself and the human experience. The time we spent working with Nicole helped me make peace with the past and also
see a new vision for my future. The time we spent outside of the classroom was just as magical. The Land is a place I often go to when I need to decompress from the world, silence my mind, and get more into my body. The landscape colors are so vibrant, the air is so crisp and clean, the food is richly flavorful and nourishing, as if some of the most amazing love-saturated home-cooked food can taste smell and feel. The staff are welcoming, supportive, and have you feel right at home. I would and often do recommend The Land to others and will be back soon!”

-Lissa B

“How nourishing to be in class again with Nicole. So grateful that she has remained true to her word, walked her walk and stood tall for so many years. Having known her for twenty years, she’s like family. No price can be placed on trust, being handled with expertise, inspired and supported the way this woman does with me and others. The day we recently spent together in class was filled with laughter, gravity, and deep honesty. I am so glad to have been able to attend.”

-Georgiana B

“My first experience working directly with Nicole was at a weekend retreat in New York City some years ago. I remember little of what was said, but the impression that remains with me, and which has been borne out in every interaction since then, was of a community of caring individuals who were truly connected and in integrity with one another. They brought amazing attention to detail and a strong sense of positive possibility to every moment of the weekend. Nicole herself felt larger-than- life: she recognized and connected with each participant deeply, and offered each person insight to allow them to dissolve stuck spots in their lives and move in the direction of their true desires. She emanated kindness, grace, and precision in her interaction with each individual. I emerged from the retreat having begun a deeply healing inner realignment, which continues to unfold to this day.” -Santha C

“I’d heard for a very long time that if I could be in Nicole’s presence I should be, and when I attended the one-day session in NYC I knew exactly why. In just a few short hours with the group and with Nicole, I was able to let the ‘me’ out that I had never felt safe to let out before. Nicole is a space of permission and love to be all of you, without apology, first in that room and then out in the world.

So I will say what was once said to me...If you can be in a room with Nicole, do it. You’ll meet yourself, maybe for the very first time.”
-Rinsha B

“I was lucky enough to attend the Nicole Daedone weekend on The Land. As someone who was completely new to OMing, Nicole, and the community, my skepticism was met with total assurance by the end of the retreat. The container was so well held that all of the participants were able to share what they had come for and what troubled their heart. Nicole responded with individualized attention to everyone with such exquisite wisdom, power, and grace. The quality of her presence
and attunement revealed to me that she is a being who is dedicated to giving her gift of pure love and authenticity and to helping others liberate themselves from suffering. My greatest takeaway was being reminded of the power of prayer, as Nicole repeatedly prayed out loud that her actions be for the benefit of all beings. Since the retreat, I have been praying, ‘Let my words be the truth and benefit all beings,’ regularly, and this has helped bring real and lasting change to my everyday life.”
-Colby D

“When the day was over, it was hard to believe that so many hours had gone by. Sitting with Nicole was like sitting with a wise friend whose knowing is so embodied that she has an easy way about her that puts you at ease and makes what is deeply profound feel so simple. The soft humility she brings to teaching left me feeling like I was being reminded of what I already knew though I had never heard any of it before. I walked away joyous and full, like I had lived the perfect day.”

-Aneka T

Soulmaker Press

Soulmaker Press is an independent publisher carving a feminine path to liberation. The idea of soulmaking comes from James Hillman’s work connecting life and the soul. Soulmaker Press is committed to the dissemination of Erotic Philosophy. Through the publication of traditional and eBooks, pamphlets and chapbooks, podcasts and audiobooks, as well as a newspaper and other occasional material, Soulmaker Press aims to expand the public’s knowledge of Eros, the path of feminine spirituality. Eros is a force of creativity, genius, and connectivity. It animates and unifies the physical and tactile, saturates our experiences, draws us into engagement with other humans and nature, and grounds us in the deepest core of the soul. Soulmaker Press takes a special interest in the shadow, the unconscious, the creative process, and a feminine nonrational system of order. Our team includes publisher Ira Silverberg, co-founder of High Risk Books, and editors David Ord, editor of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, and Beth Wareham, NY Times best-selling developmental editor.

Soulmaker Press titles and projects are inspired by the five-volume collection of The Eros Sutras written by Nicole Daedone. The Sutras are the essential texts in the study of Eros. Four of the five volumes have been published, with the final volume, Liberation & Justice, slated for release in 2024.

Soulmaker Press has published 12 books since 2022, including four Amazon National Bestsellers, and several of which are available in public libraries. Twelve additional works are slated for publication in 2024. Soulmaker Press’s books span the fields of feminine spirituality, liberation, social justice, women’s power, flow consciousness, and more.

Here is a selection of SMP’s books:

The Eros Sutras, Volume 1: Principles

The Eros Sutras, Volume 1 is a guide to uncovering the truth within oneself. This essential volume provides teachings that bring the reader into connection with life as it emerges from the soul, illuminating the path to one’s true nature. Volume 1 provides a blueprint for the Erotic life and challenges our predisposition toward the rational rather than the intuitive mind. The philosophy of Eros fosters intimacy and connection with our own lives and the world around us.

The first volume of The Eros Sutras establishes the basis for sensing, following, and tuning into
the force of Eros. The reader will be introduced to the Erotic perspective of perfection, desire, interdependence, optionality, play, and ethics, among other topics. The language of The Eros Sutras is uniquely feminine, revealing the seductive, mystical, and often overlooked world of Eros. This text was on the Amazon National Bestseller list.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 2: Tumescence

The Eros Sutras comprise a collection of works that introduce and guide readers toward their natural and Erotic expression of perfection, connection, flourishing, and power. In this second volume, we explore tumescence, which acts alternately as an obstacle thwarting the innate experience of life or may be repurposed as fuel in becoming the complex, integrated, and powerful individual we are meant to be.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 2: Tumescence traces the source of what appears as a broad array of maladies and unease back to a single, identifiable source. Tumescence develops when we do not fully digest an experience we have had. A restriction in the free flow of Eros results in myriad expressions of unease and disconnection, which are so often misunderstood or pathologized as “trauma.” This volume of The Eros Sutras introduces a radically new perspective, guiding the process by which active attention is used to convert tumescence into power and our unique expression of Eros. These Sutras allow the reader to delve into the sensations, emotions, and experiences that arise when we experience tumescence, and convert something seemingly toxic into fuel for change and growth. This text was on the Amazon National Bestseller list.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 3: Orgasmic Meditation

The Eros Sutras, Volume 3 offers a deep dive into the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and the philosophy behind it. Orgasmic Meditation is a partnered attention-training practice where one person strokes the other person’s clitoris for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel. In OM, we learn to harness the Erotic impulse, combining arousal and meditation for long-term, sustained changes.

This volume of The Eros Sutras describes the steps and technique for the practice of OM, creating safe, repeatable access to the mystical state, healing, and the power of Eros. Not simply a “how-to,” this volume dives into the philosophy and felt experience of OM. The body serves as the instrument guiding us into this practice. The result is transformative, unlocking an entire way of seeing and engaging with the world that extends far beyond the mat. The reader is guided through the practice of OM toward liberation and flourishing.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 4: Relationship

The Eros Sutras, Volume 4: Relationship brings the exploration of Eros into the realm of connection with others. This profound series of Sutras allows for transformative work in relationships, exploring friendships, lovers, partners, and even those who appear to be enemies.

This fourth volume provides an alternative to conventional notions of love, sexuality, and relationships. Insightful definitions and practices of Eros serve as a roadmap to navigate the complexities of human interaction, encouraging readers to embrace vulnerability, authenticity, and the raw power of their Erotic selves. This volume dives into the dynamic interactions between the masculine and the feminine. Whether seeking new depths of intimacy in relationships, understanding the nuances of Erotic energy, or accessing the untapped potential within, this fourth volume of The Eros Sutras offers the tools and wisdom to embark on life-changing work. More connection, vibrancy, and fulfillment can follow. This text was on the Amazon National Bestseller list.

The Art of Soulmaking: A Path to Unconditional Freedom

The Art of Soulmaking draws readers inside their own souls for the work of a lifetime. With daily practices and consciousness explorations through writing prompts and integration exercises, The Art of Soulmaking builds connection, creativity, purpose, and fulfillment—the cornerstones of living inside one’s self and one’s true genius. Readers cultivate a deep intimacy with the world of their interior castle—their soul.

Initially developed for a women’s prison in California, The Art of Soulmaking became a larger exploration of how we build our prisons, as well as how we can escape them and arrive at the poet Rumi’s field: out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing, where the soul lies down in the grass. In short, how do we, regardless of external circumstances, remain free inside?

The Art of Soulmaking invites readers to take a revolutionary journey into their own soul and walk the alchemical path to unconditional freedom.

Erotic Justice


Nicole Daedone’s Erotic Justice is a revolutionary work that challenges the traditional paradigms of American society, leading to a higher purpose: personal and societal transformation. At the core of Erotic Justice is the thing that can right all wrongs: Love.

EROTIC JUSTICE offers Love as the answer.
EROTIC JUSTICE offers solutions, not complaints.
EROTIC JUSTICE fuels needed change.
EROTIC JUSTICE questions the logic we rely on.
EROTIC JUSTICE is the antidote to victim culture.
EROTIC JUSTICE sees possibilities beyond broken systems.

Erotic Justice is a call to action, a testament to the power of love, and a guide to achieving a unified vision of justice. It’s about realizing the potential within each of us to create and contribute to a better world. This text was on the Amazon National Bestseller list.

The Land Retreat Center

The Land, a 160-acre retreat center located in Anderson Valley, California, is home to the Eros Monastery. Eros, stemming from the ancient Greek word, is the energy that drives us to live a life of passion and meaning. To that end, the Eros Monastery employs practices and offerings that ignite creativity and purpose. The Land’s newly renovated barn includes state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, two floors of meeting space, and a research lab. Set along a winding river surrounded by redwoods, The Land has 18 wilderness cabin units, 12 glamping tents, and three well-appointed houses for guest accommodations. The three-acre organic garden was originally designed and built by the Shenoa group, an offshoot of the Findhorn Community. From the Eros Sutras to Tibetan Buddhist sadhana practice to yoga, and Orgasmic Meditation, The Land has a variety of offerings and draws guests from all walks of life. From nature lovers to tech workers, from yogis to artists, and anybody looking for a place to clear their mind, The Land offers guests a place to reconnect to a deeper truth while enjoying a retreat. Website

The Land recently reopened, offering two-night, one-week, and one-month-long retreats. In the first year of the monastery retreat program, The Land hosted over 100 guests. Stay per night ranges from $250 to $550. The Land has hosted 25 retreats, including corporate wellness, yoga, and Tibetan meditation. Key clients have included Clever, Giphy, Sama Source, Louis Vuitton, Soul Cycle, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, and Asana.

The Land’s Earth Program explores solutions to restore dignity to our planet’s soil and has hosted a range of experts, including renowned soil scientist Ray Archuleta, ecologist and filmmaker John D. Liu, and permaculturist Brock Dolman. Since 2020, The Earth Program has accomplished the following:

Unconditional Freedom

Free Food

Free Food creates restaurant dining experiences for the unhoused and food insecure, serving 500 three-course sit-down meals in Harlem each week. In addition to dignified and nourishing meals, we rescue two thousand pounds of food weekly from Baldor Specialty Food, Levain, and other providers in NYC, and recirculate in the community through a pantry providing fresh fruit and vegetables. Since 2019, Free Food has served over 70,000 meals to those in need. And in August 2023, Free Food partnered with Massimo Bottura’s Food for Soul to operate Refettorio Harlem and expand the program’s reach.


“I love the fact that I always feel great when I come out of here. The community is so important. For a person who did a lot of damage in the past in the community, it’s a way to give back and make up for my mistakes. It’s a great opportunity, I’m learning to do something in the kitchen. Overall it’s an amazing feeling. I’m glad that I have this second chance to do something good for someone else.”

- Robby, Exodus Alternatives to Incarceration program participant

“The food uses fresh ingredients. It’s like eating at a real restaurant. Great food service. The people are great. I used to come in just to eat, and now I started volunteering. I learned to bake more, I learned how to use a piping bag for frosting. I felt so proud when I made the dessert all by myself.” — Tammy, program participant and volunteer

“I like the atmosphere. I like meeting new people. It keeps me busy, it gives me something to do. I make new friends. It’s good to have a place to socialize so I’m not lonely. The food is good. People are nice. The volunteers and organization, everyone is nice.”

-Muhammed, program participant and volunteer

“Free food provides a soft warm supportive environment to those trying to overcome hunger, and more importantly, trying to save their lives. Free food provides a safe haven for those wanting to improve their nutrition and create healthy habits. It provides a safe environment for people who have experienced long hours without food. Even if they can’t afford nutritious meals, they can feel safe and welcome here.”

-German, program participant

“I like the people who treat me with dignity. Most of all I like the people, how happy they look when they get their food. The food is good, I take fruit and vegetables because I don’t eat meat. This service is helpful to a lot of people. Helps stretch their dollar. Fruit, healthy food from the farm instead of eating junk food. It’s healthy.”

-Novlette, program participant and volunteer

“Good people. Good energy. Good vibes. Raises the spirits. People come in here down and end up leaving here feeling good. The instructors are a lot of fun, they teach us a lot about vegetables. I like to help.”

-Frank, Exodus Alternatives to Incarceration program participant

“I like free food. I like the food here. I like the people. I like that there’s an opportunity to volunteer and enjoy the great food and many other services like clothing, phones and haircuts. The food is amazing and there are different amazing chefs. I like how it’s a three course meal, it makes me feel special.”

-Bobby, program participant and volunteer

“I love the vegetables [at the Free Food pantry]. They’re so fresh. Nothing like the supermarket. I like the gingers the lemons the bananas. I like everything about it.”

-Dayana, program participant

“You come in and get to sit with gentle people and have a great welcome from the people. It feels medicinal to come in off the streets and come here.”

-Dee, program participant

The Prison Monastery

The Prison Monastery aims to restore the penitentiary to its roots: a place for residents to contemplate and meaningfully contribute to society while incarcerated. The program piloted at Mendocino County Jail in Northern California in 2020, including weekly Art of Soulmaking classes, yoga, and gardening education. The culture of the residents in the facility improved significantly, with a marked reduction in stress, depression, anger, and an increase in joy and contribution. In February 2023, The Prison Monastery launched at Central California Women’s Facility, the largest women’s prison in the country. The Prison Monastery purposely targeted a security-challenged, low-programming housing unit, training 20 “Culture Keepers” as mentors inside the unit. The impact was nothing short of transformative for the 50-60 residents who regularly participated in programming and extended to the entire housing unit. Individuals newly admitted to CCWF started to request a transfer into the unit, which historically had the worst reputation in the facility.

The Prison Monastery includes The Art of Soulmaking workbook, The Earth Program, Guards to Guardians, and The Art of Addiction.

The Art of Soulmaking workbook teaches prison residents contemplative practices, along with meditation and yoga. Every student is paired with a volunteer to correspond with by mail as they journey through the course. The program has quickly grown to reach over 30,000 individuals in 432 facilities across 42 states, with 400 certified volunteers outside of prison. Self-report data by individuals who have completed the program shows a significant reduction in anger, stress, depression, and reliance on addictive substances in participants.

The Earth Program launched at Mendocino County Jail in 2020 when The Unconditional Freedom Project team began running the jail’s garden program. With a $50,000 grant from Life Comes From It via the Tides Foundation, The Unconditional Freedom Project hired a gardener and educator to teach residents regenerative agriculture. Thirteen men and six women graduated with certifications from the regenerative agriculture program. The soil of half an acre of planting beds was rehabilitated and ecosystem restoration efforts began on the jail’s three-acre grounds. Through The Earth Program, 25 chickens from various farms and a $25,000 chicken coop from Carolina Coops were donated. Jail residents learned how to assemble the coop and harvest and collect eggs. Everything harvested in the garden was used in the jail meals, resulting in food savings of around $10,000 annually. A garden was also started at the Mendocino County Juvenile Hall, where gardening and culinary skills were taught to the youth.

Guards to Guardians launched in 2022 as a program designed in collaboration with veteran correction officers around the country for the purpose of fostering health and flourishing for corrections officers. Twenty veteran corrections officers joined the Guards to Guardians program to mentor corrections officers in facilities all over the U.S. Guards to Guardians led workshops and training for close to 100 officers at Central California Women’s Facility and 80 officers at Valley State Prison from 2022-2023.

The Art of Addiction, launched in 2023 by Prison Monastery Director Kate Feigin, invites individuals to reframe their experience of addiction and find a path to liberation through embracing their full selves. Feigin conducted a qualitative research study on The Art of Addiction curriculum’s impact on the lives of a group of 24 formerly incarcerated people who identify with addiction. The qualitative study found themes clustered around self-love, alchemy, shame, and embracing shadows. AoA is now available as a workbook in 404 facilities and has been translated into Spanish.

Our trained facilitators teach The Art of Soulmaking and The Art of Addiction at Exodus Alternatives to Incarceration, a transitional program for those released from jail or awaiting sentencing. The class has been running for a year, and is the most popular and well-attended class at Exodus. Participants from these classes also train in the Free Food kitchen weekly, acquiring culinary skills and food-prep training for future job placements.


“What was your experience like with the program? Did it change you? In what ways?

My experience with the program was a pivotal moment in my life. It shows me that people do care of the hard things that other people go through without even knowing who I am. It changed me because I care about others too now. When I can help them, I do my best and I feel very good. I feel like I made a difference for the greater good of this world.

What had you sign up for The Art of Soulmaking?
To be honest, I just need a female to write to and get to know her but when I read The Art of Soulmaking, I felt something divine like I am supposed to keep this wisdom going and share with them the awareness of soul making.

What did you observe in any of your correspondence with your pen pal?

I observed a lot of love from Rachel. She’s a very caring person. I like how she expresses herself. She is a very smart person. I feel like I can learn a lot from her. I hope she hasn’t forgot about me because I stopped writing her but I hope I can still get ahold of her through this letter. Let her know for me. Thank you.

Share anything about your experience here:

I experience a lot of connection and true understanding. I really love this Unconditional Freedom Project group. I feel like my feelings have been validated. I get to listen to someone else and interact with a stranger and be open to them. That’s a thing that I’ve never done before. Yoga and meditating are my favorite things to do while I am here in prison. They keep me away from negativity and focus on the good stuff. I love this program and I hope to keep in touch. You guys truly changed my life. Thank you!”

-Jose M, High Desert State Prison

“I am writing to this address because I took the course, The Art of Soulmaking. I wanted to share my experience with someone.

The Art of Soulmaking (AoS) has transformed me and my life here behind bars—I used to be very aggressive and outwardly negative. I showed no compassion to anyone. I have changed so much that the Officers in the Jail here have started to read about The Art of Soulmaking. AoS made so much sense to me that I utilize its concepts in my everyday life. I am no longer the Victim of myself but the Savior of myself. I can communicate with compassion and I can see all situations clearly. I still haven’t found a way to put it all into words. I will be released 9/26/23 and I would like to stay in communication with the others that are involved in the AoS. Please feel free to write back to me. Thank you.”

-Rich G, Jr., Jefferson County Jail, NY

“My name is Michael D. Gallman, I am an inmate at Evans Correctional Institution in South Carolina. Well, I’m gonna be honest because I am 45 years old from Newberry, South Carolina—a small town called Prosperity. Me, I’m the type that would always be the guy that would fall for anything. I let my pride get the best of me and I’m always stressing over the little things. But since I’ve taken this course, it taught me the unique ways of life. By me feeling confident and positive about the New Me, I know how to deal with things on a daily basis. Yes, I made some mistakes in my past, but I do feel that all, everything has worked out for the best. I used to wake up feeling discouraged but now my relationship with myself as well as others are as satisfying as I would want them to be. I finally found and discovered who I really am by taking this course and with help from my pen pal. Now I truly have belief that gives me meaning to what life has in store for me. Yes, I can say that I’ve found my true purpose in life and am not trying to replay my past. Because the old me would do anything that everybody said was right. But you have to take that leap and live life in the right. It took me forty-five years to truly find myself. But once I did, I really do feel proud of myself. Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

-Michael D. Gallman, Evans Correctional Institution

“I believe this course really opened up my eyes to a lot of pain I was running from. This course really allowed me to confront some of my ways of thinking that were keeping me locked in constant battle with myself. I was not at peace of light I know I can be. I’ve faced a lot of my demons throughout this course, I won’t say it was easy, but I can say it was worth it.”

-Pricilla M, CCWF

“Interestingly, this course came along at a good moment. I was already on a trajectory toward more love + compassion + away from disempowerment, dehumanization + letting anger take up too much space. I’ve also had some quiet reflection time, a first for CCWF (with so many roommates + previously a long-hours, 360d job!). The course really helped cultivate my sense of purpose as a story-sharer, as one who will live + write compassion for others’ benefit too. It focused me + opened me up a bit more.”

-Diana L, CCWF

“I enjoyed all aspects of this course. I learned how to listen to my body and enjoy this moment. Oh yes my physical health is better. I’m sleeping better. I’m hopeful of my future. I used to believe that I’d never be able to rise above how my life has turned out. I now know that’s not true. I can make my life whatever I want. Oh yes my relationships with inmates and staff are way less strained with mutual respect for one another. And then my family has noticed a big change in my attitude and are so stoked of the sincerity I have for this fundamental change in my life. Yes, I’ve learned instead of sitting here stagnant I can be making a change using this time to my doing positive and constantly trying to better yourself, that’s where you experience freedom. Thank you so much, this course has opened my eyes to the wonderful human that I am and the people around me.”

-Elle M, MCJ

“I love this course. I have grown a lot and learned a lot. How to deal with my stress and anger. How I have to pay attention so my body won’t be on lockdown. Ever since I finish this class I noticed that I am more positive and happy with my life. That I have full control and if I want change I have to start with myself. I used to believe that stress just comes and goes but it don’t, we create stress and we just ball it up inside of us and not realize how dangerous it is to hold it in us.”

-Norma P, CCWF

“My mom and my dad, the correction deputies, and other inmates have all responded positively to this program. I have shared my Daily Soul Letters with my mom and dad over the phone, I teared up reading it to them. I feel like I have established a good and friendly relationship between certain correction deputies, they are people I care about and I’m someone they care about.”

-Roy H, MCJ

“I have a new understanding of listening to my body. It’s amazing really. I have always written to myself and in the soul inventory, I learned a lot about how beneficial this is and how even more so because I know more about it and I’m able to be more in tune with myself. Meditation has helped me to relax. Until doing this course, I can’t say I ever felt really relaxed at all.”
-Ami H, CCWF

“So needless to say I am a mess. That is where this program comes in. In the past I would have cracked. But I have learned to meditate and actually since the yard has been open I have been outside doing yoga and meditating, completely cleansing my thoughts, my soul releasing all my thoughts. I’ve been outside for the good part of 2 hours and although I felt stressed and overwhelmed and anxious I feel so much better sitting with myself.”
-Debra B, MCJ

“The Art of Soulmaking helped me a lot. Life can be bad but I know it’s not. It doesn’t matter what happened to you. What matters is what you do. It was hard for me to sleep at night.
This program was positive and now I’m alright. What happens tomorrow no one knows. But it’s up to me how my day goes. It can be good or it could be bad. It could be the best day you ever had. I haven’t corresponded with anyone for a while. Then the pen pal program made me smile. Life can be bad but I know it’s not. The Art of Soulmaking helped me a lot.I wrote this in Montana State Prison. I appreciate your positive messages while I have been here for two years now. I first came across Unconditional Freedom Project’s The Art of Soulmaking program on the Edovo tablet while I am incarcerated at Montana State Prison. My daughter Lena passed away the same date I was arrested and I have been going through some depressing times and this program has helped me keep my attitude positive and has given me strength knowing I can go through any situation and still be positive and that no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing, Life is awesome also. Thank you for the pen pal program and all who are positive.”
-Herman G, Montana State Prison

“I came across the Art of Soulmaking course in a self-help brochure while at the California Medical Facility (CMF) in Vacaville, Calif where initially I became interested in taking the course due to the convenience of doing so by mail. The title of the course intrigued me because of its uniqueness, and as I commence the lessons, I immediately felt a strong spiritual connection where answers or response to queries didn’t come from any educational level or personal knowledge I held, but from wisdom and awareness stored in my Soul. Each lesson brought me back to that soulful state where a meditative state of mind was required to divulge, and with each disclosure I learned things about self that I lived with most of my adult life but never took notice to, or of. I had already began my journey of change long before I started to dive into the Art of Soulmaking course, however, the course itself solidified my willingness to evolve into a better quality person, and gave me the confidence from the strength I found from connecting with my inner self, and Soul. I have surely reached a greater sense of change because of the inner peace I’ve found from being grounded in my Soul, the Soulmaking pen pal I was blessed to be matched with enforced the impact of the overall program in a way that sustains the whole Soulmaking vibe. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking towards peace and self-growth and maturity, and I would rate the Art of Soulmaking course as essential and highly effective. A must take.”
-John Williams, California Medical Facility

“The Art of Soulmaking was different than anything I’ve come across. To look at my time as a blessing to be able to grow closer to myself and God without all the distractions of the world. They shared a new outlook, a wild stallion growing meek. This program’s approach of looking at the journey of my soul is unique with yoga, journals and the work helped me get in the habit of bettering myself day-by- day. Thank you.”

-R. Simpson, Bedford Prison

“Dear Soulmakers,

First of all I want to commend each and every one of you for the services you are performing. It can not be understated how much of a difference you truly are making. The reason for my delay in this response is I didn’t just want to rush through something like this, for I know personally how impactful this could end up being for someone else out there and that’s not something that I take lightly.

I was in a very dark place when I found the Art of Soulmaking Project. I was seriously going through the motions of just ending it all. I was under the impression that the world was a lost cause and simply put, I was sick of all the ‘bull’. I wasn’t even looking for AOS when I found you guys, but when I did it was like something was pulling at my soul when I saw the picture on my tablet. So I gave you a chance. Unbeknownst to me you ended up playing a major roll in bringing me back in the light. I can’t explain it you guys are doing all of the things that I want to do with my life. I mean to the ‘T’. It’s easy to talk about change, what’s wrong, why it’s wrong, who’s fault it is, blah, blah, blah...But what you’re doing is being a part of the solution leading by example. And I have the utmost respect for you all

for that. I feel like my soul is connected to you all and we haven’t ever met before, I’m all the way in North Carolina from sea to shining sea we reach. God has a plan for us. We are going to change the world as we know it with this movement. ‘Keep going Don’t Stop’ cause you’re doing great work and
I will do what ever I can to aid and assist you. And I’m not by myself. As far as skills go, I have serve safe food, food safety training, culinary art experience, I’ve earned Certificates in Plumbing, carpentry, electrical wiring, gardening, understanding drainage and water distribution systems, I have wilderness survival skills and I am CCNA certified just to name a few things. I feel like nothing can stop us when we all work together for the common goal. From the first moment I saw what you were all about I knew that then and there I wanted to join your cause. Let me know what I can do to help out anytime you may need me I’m there.

I finished the Soulmaking course through Edovo on my tablet unfortunately there was no correspondence pen pal. I wish I could have experienced it though. Don’t get me wrong seeing you in action was great. I do feel like the correspondence would have provided a path even more personal. Nevertheless I am grateful to have y’all in my life and I look forward to meeting building and growing with all my fellow Soulmakers. May God continue to bless you all.”
-Alex M, Granville Correctional

Women Over Dinner

Women Over Dinner is a movement born from the desire of several women to live in a world where the inestimable and inherent power of women is expressed. Women Over Dinner has hosted 20 dinners in 15 major cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Austin, Hawaii, Bulgaria, Boston, Nevada City, and others. Over 500 women have participated in a dinner so far. One dinner at a time, women share a meal and enliven collective power by answering a series of curated prompts about impact, power, and sexuality.

Institute of OM Foundation 501(c)3

The Institute of OM Foundation (IOMF) is a nonprofit research center focusing on peak state consciousness arising from the practice of Orgasmic Meditation as it pertains to improvements in the areas of trauma, depression, general health, and the advancement of eudaimonia. (Not to be confused with the for-profit Institute of OM LLC)

Select findings include:

How can I learn more about OM and Eros?

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and the philosophy of Eros can be explored and learned through various platforms and formats, catering to diverse learning preferences and needs.

In-Person Learning: ‘What is OM?’ courses are taught in large cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and London. ‘What is OM’ is a daylong class taught by two advanced OM practitioners. The course includes introductory instruction into the philosophy and practice of OM, an exploration of OM as an access point to the mystical state, a full demonstration of the Orgasmic State, and time to ask questions. Visit for any upcoming courses.

Online Live Classes:‘What is OM?’ courses are also taught through the Eros Platform by OneTaste. The format is similar to the in-person course minus the live demonstration, and makes it available for those who would not be able to travel in person.

The Eros Platform also offers numerous classes and resources on the philosophy of Eros, including live classes on topics such as Perfection, Desire, Addiction, and Play. For those who want deeper training, the Eros Platform offers longer deep-dives into Orgasmic Meditation and the philosophy of Eros. Visit for upcoming classes.

Online Streaming: Videos from the Eros Platform, as well as other content, is available for free on the Eros Platform YouTube channel. Viewers can see content from recent Sutra Study sessions, online courses, past coaching programs, and more. Visit

App-Based Learning: The OM App is a free digital application available through the App Store
on iOS and on the web at It provides self-paced training in the philosophy and technique of OM, daily lessons, stories from other OM practitioners about their experiences, recordings of talks by advanced OM practitioners, and frequently asked questions. The app also has a paid option with additional features such as 1:1 texting with a certified OM trainer and coach.

Online Coaching: For those looking to learn the practice one-on-one, certified Eros coaches through the Eros Coaching Collective are available to teach individuals and couples the practice of OM over Zoom. Sessions with an Eros coach are great for those first learning to OM as well as for those wanting to deepen their practice or learn more about the feminine spiritual path of Eros. Visit to learn more.

Written Material: The Eros Sutras are a collection of teachings on the philosophy of Eros that serves as a guide to exploring the depths of the Erotic. The 390 Eros Sutras are organized into five volumes. Volumes 1, 2, 4, and 5—Principles, Tumescence, Relationship, and Liberation, respectively— explore these topics through an Erotic lens. The Sutras provide a different way of looking at oneself and the world, as well as guidelines on how to live in accordance with the principles of Eros.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 3: Orgasmic Meditation serves as a comprehensive resource for study in the practice of OM. This text can be used by those who are new to OM as well as by advanced practitioners looking to deepen their practice and dive into the nuances and subtleties of the practice such as mastering the spots, speeds, strokes, and pressures.

The Container & Form document walks practitioners step-by-step through how to OM. This document can be found at as well as in the back of The Eros Sutras, Volume 3: Orgasmic Meditation.

Immersion: To immerse in the feeling of Eros directly, individuals are welcome to visit the Eros Monastery. Nestled in the ancient redwoods of Northern California, the Eros Monastery is a 162-acre retreat center dedicated to the cultivation and practice of Eros. There are opportunities for formal retreats as well as short- to long-term personal customized retreats. The Eros Monastery offers daily Tibetan Buddhist practice, in-person lectures and events, nourishing meals, and an abundance of nature and garden opportunities. Those who have been formally OM trained (informational training is available through the Eros Coaching Collective, see above) can attend the free practice OM sessions offered at the Eros Monastery as well. These sessions sometimes include guidance from a trained OM guide, and are always optional. Visit for more information.

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