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The Eros Sutras

Published April, 2024

Life’s most sacred energies of intimacy, connection, and awareness are bound up in our sexuality. Nicole Daedone, a fierce student of the human ability to flourish, has brought out a medically studied, meditative protocol for harnessing those energies in order to unleash the instinct to thrive. The consensual, structured practice of stroking a woman’s clitoris actively engages both partners in a meditative experience, activating brain changes that highlight tactile stimulation paired with strong connection bonding, as per fMRI and EEG. It takes 15 minutes from start to finish for both participants to begin to live and function with the expanded consciousness, the state of flow and ease, that is our birthright. If, as a society, we can accept that a woman can be touched where she wants to be touched, everything becomes possible. 

The purpose of OneTaste is to right the course of the world by awakening female sexual power.

Table of Contents


What Are The Eros Sutras?

Structure of The Eros Sutras

How to Read and Study The Eros Sutras



Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice that aims to bring us to a mystical state, a place where we experience clarity, surrender, and more intimacy with ourselves, others, and the world. OM is a 15-minute structured clitoral stroking practice conducted between two people who follow a predefined set of detailed instructions. By training the attention and harnessing sexual energy, the practice of OM provides access to peak states of consciousness, bringing individuals into Eudaimonia, a state of human flourishing. We have found OM to be the fastest, most reliable, safe, and sustainable way to this state and the associated benefits.

The Eros Sutras is a collection of writings that lay out Erotic philosophy, and support accessing
the mystical state through OM. Eros is an essential energy force that seeks to unify masculine
and feminine energies; it manifests as creativity and genius. The Eros Sutras offer guidance for building a lifestyle to continuously access the mystical state, and to live from a foundation of truth, connection, and practice. The Sutras reveal a new way of looking at the world, and relating to everything around us. Much like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which lay out the path and philosophy of the practice of yoga, or the Bible, which lays out the path for Christianity, The Eros Sutras lay out the path of OM.

You do not need to OM to read the Sutras, and you do not need to read the Sutras to OM, although understanding the philosophy behind the practice is key to engaging in it with the right intent. Furthermore, because OMing and the Sutras are complementary and intertwined, both are recommended to achieve the deepest transmission and guidance on accessing the mystical state.

In essence, the Sutras and OM are about using our bodies to come into a deeper relationship with truth. They teach us that through the doorway of Eros—the energy force unifying masculine and feminine—we can access profound spiritual truths and deeper states of connection and consciousness.

What Are The Eros Sutras?

The Eros Sutras are a collection of teachings on the philosophy of Eros. Drawing from the traditional Sanskrit word sutra, referring to spiritual or philosophical teachings, The Eros Sutras serve as a guide to exploring the mystical state, where people learn to be fully themselves and live a life based in connection and truth.

The Eros Sutras are not just philosophical musings; they are a map to how our minds work. They provide a guide for how to live a more fulfilled and connected life. The Sutras describe how to approach life with an open heart and mind through the complexities of human relationships and the pursuit of personal liberation. They offer a unique and compelling perspective on seeing and engaging with the world.

The philosophy described in The Eros Sutras helps individuals understand how the world works and how people interact with it, and within it. There is a possibility for a different way of life, tapping into the often overlooked or misunderstood aspects of existence, like Erotic energy, feminine wisdom, and the knowing of the body. These teachings offer insights into how one can work with the world’s natural rhythms and energies, allowing us to navigate life’s challenges with grace, deepen our connections with others, find joy in the everyday, and lead a life of human flourishing.

Ultimately, The Eros Sutras invite us to rewild our nature and rediscover the joy and connection that come from living in harmony with ourselves and the world. They show the possibility for a more vibrant, connected, and fulfilling life, grounded in the truth and aligned with the deeper currents of existence.

Structure of The Eros Sutras

The 390 individual Eros Sutras are organized into five volumes; below is a description of each volume.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 1: Principles is a guide to uncovering truth within oneself. This essential volume provides teachings that bring the reader into connection with life as it emerges from the soul, illuminating the path to one’s essential nature. Volume 1 provides a blueprint for the Erotic life and challenges our predisposition toward the rational rather than the intuitive mind. This first volume of The Eros Sutras establishes the basis for sensing, following, and tuning into the force of Eros. The reader will be introduced to the Erotic perspective of perfection, desire, interdependence, optionality, play, and ethics, amongst other topics.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 2: Tumescence follows the source of what appears as a broad array of maladies and unease back to a single, identifiable source called tumescence. Tumescence develops when we do not fully digest an experience we have had. A restriction in the free flow of energy results in myriad expressions of unease and disconnection, which are often misunderstood or pathologized as “trauma.” This volume of The Eros Sutras introduces a radically new perspective, guiding the process by which active attention is used to convert tumescence into power and our unique expression of Eros. These Sutras allow the reader to delve into the sensations, emotions, and experiences that arise when enduring tumescence, and convert something seemingly toxic into fuel for change and growth.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 3 offers a deep dive into the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and the philosophy behind it. Not simply a “How To,” this volume dives into the philosophy and felt experience of OM. The body serves as the instrument guiding us into this practice. The result
is transformative, unlocking an entire way of seeing and engaging with the world. The reader is guided through the practice of OM toward liberation and flourishing.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 4: Relationship brings the exploration of Eros into the realm of connection with others. This profound series of Sutras allows for transformative work in relationships, exploring friendships, lovers, partners, and even those who appear to be enemies.
This fourth volume provides an alternative to conventional notions of love, sexuality, and relationships and dives into the dynamic interactions between the masculine and feminine. Insightful definitions and practices of Eros serve as a roadmap to navigate the complexities of human interaction, encouraging readers to embrace vulnerability, authenticity, and the raw power of their fully awake selves.

The Eros Sutras, Volume 5: Liberation & Justice invites readers to engage deeply with the multifaceted nature of social justice and personal liberation through the eight stages of liberation. Through a series of Sutras, the path to true freedom is revealed, where resilience and humor emerge as vital tools for resistance and joy. This volume challenges readers to confront the realities of injustice, while empowering them to forge paths of freedom that are both deeply personal and universally relevant. This book is forthcoming and will be released in the Fall of 2024.

How to Read and Study The Eros Sutras

The Eros Sutras can be read independently, as a self-study activity. Some people choose to read one volume straight through and then move onto the next volume; others choose to read an individual Sutra a day or one Sutra a week and practice living inside of that Sutra, seeing how their life changes with a new reality revealed through their reading.

Sutra workbooks are coming out soon, offering prompts for each Sutra that readers can respond to as a way to digest and gain personal insight. These prompts help individuals dive deeper inside themselves and develop a mind tuned to the Erotic as they come to understand how to see dynamic reality and work with their minds in a new way.

Communities both in person and online are dedicated to a life as described in the Sutras. Online, the Eros Platform ( offers live Sutra study calls, often hosted by the author of The Eros Sutras and creator of OM, Nicole Daedone. On each call, a Sutra or a topic from a Sutra is discussed. Facilitators take participants on a journey, sharing both personal stories and real-world examples that highlight and clarify the concepts found in the Sutras. Participants ask questions and share their own experiences on particular Sutras. The Eros Platform also offers Sutra Study Clarification sessions that go line-by-line into the Sutras, and a rotating schedule of live events, including discussions and talks about the Sutras. For those looking to immerse into the Sutras

in person, the Eros Monastery ( offers short- and long-term retreat experiences to dive into the Sutras, OM, connection, and practice.

Finally, Sutra practitioners are available as guides to help participants more deeply explore the Sutras and how they relate to one’s life. During these one-on-one sessions, a participant works with an advanced practitioner who uses the Sutras to help integrate and digest things happening in the participant’s life. The guide will also present a series of questions curated to help unlock whatever someone is working through, using the Sutras and their personal exploration of them to guide others along the path.


Ultimately, The Eros Sutras provide a framework in which to explore the practice of OM and an Erotic way of life. In reading the Sutras, we are offered a completely different view of the world, one that recognizes the intuition and the invisible that highlights the interconnectedness of all things, and helps us access the mystical state. From this place, we can reach and sustain a life of human flourishing.

The practice is OM. The path is the Sutras. Love, in all its expressions, is the carrier signal.

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