Eros Platform courses cover the wide range of human experience from connection, man/woman dynamics, turning your life into art, how to play with life, the art of contributing and more.

All courses can be taken self guided at any time. We also offer live taught versions of each course, which you can find in the Live Course Available tab.

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Art of Play
To not get stuck in life, you must learn to play with life.
Live Course
Art of Addiction
"The Art of Addiction" is a unique online course that reframes the journey of addiction as a beau...
Intermediate • 1 hr
Live Course
Art School
Starting January 13, 2024WHAT IS ART SCHOOLArt School is an online program exploring the domains ...
Introduction to Eros
What is Eros? And why Eros? Eros is the life force energy that all beings have. It is the force t...
Beginner • 15 mins
Live Course
Art of Connection
One of the most startling realizations we have as we travel the path of Eros is that we exist in ...
Beginner • 1 hr 30 mins
A course for stepping into the mantle of power of what it means to be an erotic woman.
Beginner • 1 hr 30 mins
Live Course
Art of Intimacy
The Art of Intimacy is a course designed to cultivate intimacy with all aspects of life, first an...
Beginner • 3 hrs 15 mins
Live Course