Powered by Eros, in classical mythology the fundamental force in creation, our work is rooted in discovery and art, including works often considered taboo. We take special interest in the shadow, the unconscious, the creative process, and a feminine non-rational system of order. Precisely because it includes both the spirit and soul, the profound and the profane, emotions and the body, Eros offers a deeply needed perspective of unity that the world is sorely lacking. It’s the magic that has been missing, and our books on spirituality, health and wellness, women, social reform, memoir, and science are intended to restore its intelligence to our lives.

All books we offer are published by Soulmaker Press. Soulmaker Press is part of a greater initiative to reintegrate what’s been cast out as unlovable. Initiatives include: breakthrough somatic modalities for healing trauma and expanding consciousness; rewilding land; creating programs for shifting prisons to monasteries that reintegrate the soul; prison gardens; and Free Food street restaurants in San Francisco and New York City.

The Eros Sutras Volume 2: Tumescence
By: Nicole Daedone
The Eros Sutras, Volume 2: Tumescence is a profound exploration of what happens when experiences are not fully digested. Through this collection of Sutras, the reader is invited to delve into the sensations, emotions, and experiences that arise when we experience tumescence and how to convert tum...
Erotic Justice: Making Social Change From Love
By: Nicole Daedone
Love: The most transgressive cure for what ails society.Nicole Daedone’s Erotic Justice, is a revolutionary work that challenges the traditional paradigms of American society, leading to a higher purpose: personal and societal transformation. At the core of Erotic Justice is the thing that can ri...
Art of Soulmaking: Prison Edition
By: Nicole Daedone & Beth Wareham
The Art of Soulmaking: Prison Edition is a book co-authored by Nicole Daedone and Beth Wareham, designed to guide incarcerated individuals on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The book offers a series of lessons and practices to help those in prison access their inner voice, or sou...
The Age of Eros: A Manifesto of Connectivity and Consciousness
By: Nicole Daedone
In the same way nations without proper nutrients have a greater incidence of blindness, so does a world that does not offer the nutrient a woman would need to see: Eros. We can scarcely visualize a world where woman is self-determined, self-defined, self-liberated, so lacking are we in what she w...
The Eros Sutras Volume 1: Principles
By: Nicole Daedone
The Eros Sutras, Volume 1: Principles is an essential text for the study of Eros, the path of Feminine spirituality. In these never before written teachings, we find the path to uncovering the truth within ourselves and the journey to our true nature.Volume 1 explores perfection, desire, interdep...
The Eros Sutras Volume 3: Practice
By: Nicole Daedone
Sutras for the Art and Practice of Eros is the foundational, complete text for the study and practice of Eros, the path of Feminine spirituality. In these never before shared teachings, one finds the path to uncovering the truth within themselves and the journey of their true nature. This volume ...