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I Got Really Comfortable Being Myself

by Tom Koury

I found out about OM through a casual encounter, and it piqued my curiosity. Being a musician, it sounded sort of like playing an instrument. A sense of meditation and focus and attention that resonated with me. Finally, after a year, I had my first OM. I’d heard so much about it by that point. When I sat down to stroke for the very first time, I felt an electric jolt at the point where my finger met the clitoris. It was so exciting. I’d heard that could happen, but I didn’t expect it on my first time.

Life Before OM

Before OM, life was pretty good. I had employment, had my artwork, had my family, had relationships I liked. I was in pretty good shape. OM, let me sharpen some tools I had forgotten I had. Maybe I will find some tools I didn’t have before.

OM has taught me to be with myself. I can actually be myself more, meaning I don’t feel obligated to follow any kind of structures or conditions that I’ve previously learned. I used to avoid things because I was nervous or scared, but being within myself, I can try to find ways to approach those things rather than avoiding them like I would have in the past.

Orgasmic Meditation & Intimacy

I’m branching out more because of it. When I first started, OMing with people who were so much different than myself seemed like a challenge. Where I grew up, you had to establish who you were before someone would connect with you with any sort of intimacy. They had to let you know who they were, where they lived, what they did, where they went to school… all these things before you could justify intimacy. It was a barrier for me in my OM practice. But I quickly got through it once I got really comfortable being within myself. I found myself OMing with all sorts of women.

The asking is still one of my favorite parts of OM. The receiving of requests, too. I’ve gotten a lot better at both. I can ask something for an OM or anything else and then just let it be what it is. Allowing myself to receive whatever the answer is. Or whatever the gift is, whatever the circumstance will bring. I’ve learned that asking is one tiny step you can take to change your life.

Confidence and Competence

These are all tools OM has given me. With these tools and how I handle and process them, I’m much more confident and competent in life events' ebb and flow. Just the other day, I was able to end a relationship I had with a woman I no longer wanted to be with, and I was able to do it with honesty and clarity, without blame. In the past, I probably would have made everything fiery and blown up, started a fight, and then said something like, “See? That’s what I’m saying!” But I stayed aware and conscious here, and we ended things amicably. That's not something I would have been able to have before OM.

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