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Feminine Desire: A Journey to Rediscover Women's Sexuality

Sex today is disconnected. It is disconnected because it is aligned with masculine principles of acquisition and achievement. Sexuality is fundamentally feminine, its nature is not marked by a drive for achievement but by connectivity and liberation.

Feminine Desire: A Journey to Rediscover Women's Sexuality
What is Eros?
Eros originates in the body. Rather than looking outside ourselves or looking to any set of rules to guide us, in Eros we look inwards because we recognize that all the wisdom we need to live a full and fulfilling life resides within us already. We just need to access it.
Blog Posts
Transitioning Back to Female
Although I was born into a female body, I lived as a male from the age of thirteen to my early twenties. To me, the feminine seemed to be an inherently violated state of being. Any pleasure I derived from my genitals I associated with fear and con...
I Am A Feminine Person
From the time I was little, I wanted to be close to women. I want to begin my story with that, because that’s tied into everything before I came to OM as well as where I am now.  Disconnection I remember when I was about nine, I broke into my mo...
Take a Moment to Breathe
Before I learned about Orgasmic Meditation, I had a challenging relationship with my body. I had this picture of how I should look as a woman in order to be truly feminine, and I didn’t fit the picture. I felt ashamed of my body—especially from th...
Calm and Expansive
My mom was always open about sexuality. When I was a kid, she would talk about how sex was a really loving and magical experience. From books and movies, I have also seen people having really beautiful experiences of love in their sex. I saw them ...
Embodied Feminine Power
Several years ago, I went to live in an eco-village in Southern Portugal. I was there doing intentional work with an amazing group of people.  We did a lot of healing work with the earth, learning and practicing permaculture and cutting-edge irrig...
A Strong Feminine Aspect
My whole life has always been this sort of start-stop thing. Whenever a desire was actually met, I would get really anxious and self-sabotage. I wasn't aware that I was doing that. But I knew something was going on and that I was getting in my own...
Offering Myself and My Attention
I started practicing Orgasmic Meditation after a six-year relationship with my girlfriend ended. I had gone on a kind of spiritual quest to try and make sense of things after the breakup, and I found myself in Thailand. At one point, I ended up ge...
The Masculine & Feminine Connection
Growing up, I was pretty shy and reserved. I had a hard time connecting with people, and I was numb to my emotions. My strategy for dealing with life was: if something made me feel bad, I just gave myself internal pep talks until I stopped feeling...
Playful & Slow, Without a Need to Rush
To understand what my world was like before Orgasmic Meditation (OM), I must tell you that I grew up in Venezuela.  I don’t want to get political, but the situation in my home country went from bad to worse over the course of my growing up. Crime ...
I Grew A Greater Empathy Towards Women
My partner found Orgasmic Meditation and introduced me to it by sending me an online link. She jumped in and did it before I did and thoroughly enjoyed the course. She said, “Well, why don't we just go and try it out together?” At first, I didn’t ...
Bringing Feminine Power Into My Business
After my divorce, I began searching for a new level of freedom. I was in my late 40s and had only been with one man, and I was wondering would anyone ever love me again? Would anyone ever think I was desirable again? I really wanted to get to a ne...
Truth Brings Connection
I came into my first marriage with a lot of shame -- and a lot of inability to name what I wanted. Pattern of Unclear Needs By the time I fell in love with my first husband, I felt at war with my own desires Early on, I told Lowell about my past...
How to Be a Man
When I was young and in school, I adapted to the need to hide my feelings by becoming the class clown, able to dissipate any emotional intensity by making a joke. If I felt bullies were coming my way, I would make fun of them or deflect the attent...
A Blossoming of the Kind of Intimacy I Always Wanted
I grew up in a family where women and girls weren't really asked how they felt about anything. What I wanted was not necessarily very important, and that translated later in life to my satisfaction in relationships not really being that important....
Lifting the Wall of Shame
I grew up in West Michigan in a pretty conservative Christian community. The culture’s underlying message around sexuality was one of repression and shame. Among the guys, attitudes about sex sunk to the level of rude comments; in public, attitude...
Empathy, Serenity and a Sense of Peace
I am very grateful for the existence of Orgasmic Meditation as a meditation practice that lets me share in and feel the energy of a woman. OM - Orgasmic Meditation brings me a sense of calm and serenity, making me more at ease, more attuned to the...
Free To Be An Explorer
I’ve done many, many things in the last 40 years that have been part of the journey of becoming more of who I am. I found Orgasmic Meditation through a friend. And what led me to engage in the practice was the fact that this is something different...
I Live By What I Feel
Before I found OM, I had been celibate and out of a relationship for about ten years. I was very devoted to and close to a specific spiritual teacher. It was not a sexual thing, but his wife was young and extremely jealous, and she was basically r...
Slowing Down to Feel
Mine was the ideal American life. I had a wife and three kids, a big house, and a high-level position in a bustling start-up. I went mountain biking, played ice hockey, golf, tennis, and racquetball, played violin, guitar, piano, and trumpet, buil...
Intimacy Without Expectation & Commitment
I’ve lived in the same town most of my life. I toured around a little bit, but I’m close to my family. I’ve been involved in transformational work for a long time and was lucky enough to be around a lot of very awakened people starting around age ...
Woman Course
Woman Course
What if women have inestimable power?
Introduction to Eros
Introduction to Eros
What is Eros? And why Eros?
Art of Intimacy
Art of Intimacy
Cultivate intimacy with all aspects of life
Art of Addiction
Art of Addiction
Reframe the journey of addiction as the beautiful, soulful path that it is

Female Sexual Desire

There is nothing wrong with female sexual desire, even though society tends to pathologize women as having low desire. What is wrong is that sex today is not desirable. And women have lost the ability to fake it. You will know sex based on feminine principles because it will lead to clarity, a brightness, an alert relaxation. It will be intimate, connected, and it will reveal parts of yourself you did not previously know. You will experience depth and richness instead of experiencing a habituated numbness you call stress relief.

As we navigate the complex world of intimacy and connection, it’s essential to acknowledge the unique aspects of women’s sexuality. In a society that often prioritizes masculine ideals of conquest and accomplishment, the true essence of sexual liberation can become overshadowed. Women’s sexuality is inherently feminine, rooted not in the pursuit of goals but in the joy of experience and the depth of connection.

Misconceptions of Desire

The misconception that female sexual desire is somehow flawed or insufficient is a disservice to both men and women. The reality is not that women lack desire but rather that the current narrative around sex fails to kindle that desire authentically. Authentic female sexuality cannot be feigned—it thrives in an environment where intimacy is genuine, connections are deep, and personal discovery is celebrated.

When sexuality is approached through a feminine lens, the experience transforms. It becomes a source of clarity and luminosity, fostering a state of relaxed awareness. This form of intimacy is not about escaping stress through routine but about enriching one’s life and uncovering new facets of oneself. It’s about seeing and embracing the beauty within, allowing for growth and a deeper understanding of one’s desires and pleasures.

Creating Authentic Spaces

For women eager to explore and embrace their sexuality, the path is rejecting societal norms that do not resonate with their inner truth. It’s about creating spaces where sexuality is synonymous with enjoyment and connection, where each moment is an opportunity to learn and expand in profound and unexpected ways.

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