Finding Deep Spiritual Meaning in Physical Practices

by Thierry

OM was an amazing discovery for me, and I am convinced that everyone should know about it and try to experience it for themselves. OM helped me find and understand the link between spirituality and relationships, which has improved my connections physically and emotionally. It also helped me learn to meditate, forge more meaningful connections, and be at peace with women.

Before I started my OM practice, I had a lot less trust in myself. This was true for my interactions with women, but also more broadly in my life. I had been married and divorced, with one child from that marriage, and many of my ideas were rooted in the conventional roles men and women take on in these relationships. Back then, I always felt this barrier between me and my partners, and I don’t think I really knew how to touch women. I had a blockage when it came to connection or intimacy for me, at the time, and I was not really at peace with it.

I also had ideas about spirituality and spiritual practices. For a while, I practiced Rosicrucianism – a mystical doctrine based on the idea of spiritual transformation through esoteric knowledge. This doctrine was appealing to me because it’s based on the idea of turning inward and discovering real truths about the world through latent spirituality. I also studied and practiced Aikido – a “non-combative” martial art that focuses on peace, harmony and spirituality in a unified physical practice designed to end conflicts non-violently. 

So you can probably tell, I was looking for something. Some link between spiritual and physical energies that I could focus on, and practice in.

OM, in combination with other practices I was exploring, was really effective in helping me address my issues in relating to women and in identifying my feminine side. The idea that I had a feminine side, and that it was worthwhile for me to try to get in touch with it, was very powerful for me. It jived with other ideas that were percolating in my brain, ideas about how seemingly separate things are actually unified. I began to see my own identity as a balance of male and female energies and to practice hearing and responding to feminine energies. With the help of these discoveries, I was able to forge a unity with my partner during OMs, and to start experiencing real connection in my practice.

All of the growth I experienced through OM has helped me both in my relationships with women and in my everyday life. I feel more connected and responsive. Life is much more fulfilling. I feel better able to understand womens’ needs, and more empowered to meet them. But I also feel as if I healed a rift in my spiritual life, and finally found peace in my relating with women. This is has helped me pursue similar unities in other meditative practices. In my Zen practice and my other meditative activities, I feel better focused and more plugged into my own body. These are all ongoing developments, but I am making progress, and OM has been instrumental in my growth.

Through OM I have found real links and unities that have brought peace and connection to my life and my relationships. From my own experiences, I can say that OM has been eye-opening and transformational. I think everyone should know about OM; it may be just what you’ve been looking for.

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