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When the Mind Contracts, Exhale

Published May, 2024

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To open in the face of a contraction that results from a negative charge—our having judged a sensation as “bad”—the instruction is to exhale. Contraction is the equivalent to the nervous system holding its breath, so if we can catch it right at the point of contact, right where the flow between the finger and the clitoris, in OM—or between the environment and desire, in life—is blocked with negative charge, we will cause the charge to disperse rather than continue to collect.

When more charge collects, it creates an inward-moving spiral that becomes progressively tighter. Constriction begets constriction with the encoded message to continue to draw in further rather than let go. Unpleasant sensation is the result of constriction, having absolutely nothing to do with the phenomena at hand. It should be made clear: All aversion is an interpretation of pressure, and this interpretation is the result of phenomena hitting up against a constriction of the tumescent mind.

Pain and Interpretation

body spirituality

The body can in fact feel pain prior to interpretation, and this can occur simply as pressure and heat or cold. The Erotic mind has the capacity to be with pain at this level; in fact, a great deal of intimacy and exchange of information can happen here. Pain can be included in our experience of life as an ally. It can be experienced as a signpost for growth as we open to receive rather than move away from. 

— It is vital to understand this because our discontent is the result of believing pain exists as a reality that has an immutable, built-in response. —

It must be contracted against, then it must be moved away from.

Mind and Body Disconnection

This causes a split between the mind and the body, where pain is experienced. Pain is in fact a dear friend that pulls us down into our bodies and into our lives. We are training the mind to understand this fact.

— Those stuck in the mind have not built a relationship with pain. —

We contract and block the body. The body must then increase the impulse to what we call pain, sometimes even to the point of sickness, to get our wayward attention.

Rejection and Pain

The body wants to provide us with inexhaustible energy and resources, which sounds like what we want. We would want a way out of sloth, fatigue, and strain. But not so for the tumescent mind. Nothing is more threatening to the tumescent mind than a clear blast of the body’s power. Its dominion can be dissolved in an instant. Do not be fooled that the source of pain is the body. The source of pain is the rejection of the body, and the ensuing panic is the result of the mind determined to hold strong against the body that is calling for it through increasing pain.

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