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What Is Feminine Spirituality - Divine Feminine Energy?

Published May, 2024

— “The Divine Feminine is not a female deity but an energy that we all possess, regardless of our gender.” ~ Michael A. Singer —

Ten thousand years before the birth of Christ, a female, a human woman, stepped to the edge of her temple in Ephesus, rocks sliding down the steep mountainside beneath her feet. 

She saw a slow march of brutalized men snaking up the path, back from a war, climbing toward her. As they took their last steps onto the top of the hill, she stretched her arms out, folding them against her body, where they could recover, heal, and become whole again. She brought them back into the civilized world after the barbarity. That is the nature of the female: to give life, to restore.

what does divine feminine mean

Nature's Wisdom

Feminine spirituality is as ancient as recorded time, and feminine spirituality is not simply philosophical discourse. It is real, it is at work constantly, and it is so powerful it can literally bring men back into being. She has that power, she has that wisdom. Woman is the bringer of life. 

This connection to life is the divine energy that powers feminine spirituality. No one prays to a man with a beard; they instead connect to the power of the universe. This force, this feeling, carries an intuitive sense of unity with the universe. She is closer to the power of regeneration, nature’s constructs, biological life, and nothing can take that essential fact, that elemental power, away from her. 

— The path of feminine spiritually is not just about self-discovery but also self-love of the miraculous nature of her being and feeling empowered by it. —

No one else can do what she can do. Diving into her own soul, she’ll encounter an internal world as vast as anything glimpsed from the window of a spaceship. Inside herself, she will encounter her true essence and embrace her divine feminine power.

Eros Philosophy

The Eros philosophy is irrevocably intertwined with that woman standing at the edge of the temple in 10th BCE. It views love, beauty, and desire as the three pillars of existence, just as she did. It was her way of life in the ancient world, just as it has been for the multitudes of believers who came after her. 

Feminine spirituality and Eros philosophy both celebrate the power, beauty, and enigma of femininity and the female form. Both honor the pivotal role of the feminine energy in the genesis and sustenance of life, its capacity to inspire love and desire, and its role in creativity, all major builders of our world.  

The Eros philosophy underscores the importance of love and desire as fundamental aspects of human existence rather than, say, road building or war. The feminine nurtures emotions, fostering a deep connection between women and the emotional core of humanity. The feminine is both a conduit and driving force behind the beauty and complexity of life.

the divine feminine spirituality

The Feminine Beacon

Celebrating the feminine, Eros philosophy is a tribute to the power and influence of the feminine. It is a path that recognizes the feminine as a beacon of love and desire, a source of beauty and complexity, a North Star of human existence. She does not bring war or an asphalt cloverleaf; she brings a home. In essence, the Eros philosophy is a testament to the power of love, the strongest material known to humankind. 

— Love for the world and love for each other hold everything together; it’s stronger than steel and stretches like graphene. —

Love never dies. The Eros philosophy puts the feminine in the center of the story of humankind, recognizing its essential role it plays in the endless creation and re-creation of our world. 

Feminine Spirituality And Empowerment

A potent instrument for unearthing power and potential, feminine spirituality is a concept deeply rooted in the essence of womanhood. It encourages women to celebrate their femininity, not as a societal construct but as a preferred state of strength, inspiration, wisdom, and life firmly rooted in reality. Self-acceptance is self-empowerment; you don’t have to dress like a man in a business suit to run a company. Many of us have learned on the job that we can run the place in a dress. 

In essence, the Eros philosophy is a testament to the power of love, the allure of beauty, and the pull of desire. It is a philosophy that recognizes the feminine as a vital force, a source of inspiration, and a catalyst for these fundamental aspects of human existence. It is a philosophy that celebrates the feminine, recognizing its integral role in shaping our world and our understanding of it.

— “The divine feminine is not a weak, frail thing. It is a powerful force, one that drives the universe forward.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert —

what is divine feminine energy

Women's Collective Strength

There are innumerable real-life examples of women who have successfully harnessed their feminine spirituality for empowerment. These range from globally renowned spiritual leaders who have touched the lives of millions with their profound wisdom and grace to everyday women who have discovered strength in their femininity. These women have used this strength to surmount personal challenges, achieve their goals, and make significant strides in their personal and professional lives.

The world is full of real-life examples of women who successfully harnessed their feminine spirituality to raise up millions and millions of people. Think about the grace and profound wisdom of modern women working to make the world better – Mother Teresa, Anandamayi Ma, Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, and Pema Chodron – not to mention the millions of unknown, unsung women who work, work on themselves, care for others, and in general, assist the world in turning day in and day out. 

Resonant Womanhood

As each woman moves through the world, she can connect her days to the engine of her feminine power. It transcends the mere physical. The mere fact of her life is an inspiration to others. She empowers other women to pick up the reins of their lives and shape their own destiny, leaving their mark on the world. Feminine power is both deeply personal and universally resonant. 

— Each unique experience of an empowered woman in touch with her feminine spirituality speaks to the collective strength of all women. —

One woman rises, and others follow.

As soon as a woman connects to her feminine energy, she becomes a catalyst for change. With enduring strength, her role is ever-changing in society. Her energy meets what comes as she creates the world, her way, with love, emotion, attention, and connection.

Feminine Practices

The feminine path demands a conscious, deliberate effort, an unwavering commitment, and an open-hearted willingness to delve into the deepest depths of one’s soul. This is no mere walk in the park; it is a spiritual pilgrimage that requires steadfast dedication to growth and self-improvement.

divine feminine energy


One of the initial steps in this journey is self-reflection, a process that involves examining one's thoughts and emotions with a critical, discerning eye. This introspective practice encourages individuals to confront their innermost feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. When a thought or emotion rises, pleasant or uncomfortable, just ask yourself why. What is the feeling? When did it happen? What was going on? Did the situation remind me of something else? Why did I feel this way? With each question and answer, her interior world evolves, transforming her outer world to serve her desires.


Meditation is another crucial step in this spiritual journey. It is a practice that allows one to connect with one's inner self and the divine, fostering a sense of tranquility, unity, and spiritual enlightenment. Through meditation, we learn to be quiet. As thoughts still inside the mind, we synch up with a vast universe of energy, losing a sense of our own limitations. 

— Over time, if one masters stillness, secrets begin to rise. —

One hears words or sees flashes of color or light. That’s the universe speaking to you and you speaking to yourself. The two cannot be separated. 


Journaling is also an invaluable tool on the feminine path. Choose a quiet time and pour thoughts, feelings, and ideas into a notebook. Do it again tomorrow. And again the day after. In that way, one develops self-expression and reports on the developments from introspection and self-discovery. 

Creative ideas are born and worked into fruition. Refer back to your journals often and use them to chart your path through the feminine. As the journals accumulate, an enchanted autobiography rises, a book so special it can only be read by one person. Embracing one's femininity is a pivotal part of this spiritual journey. It involves acknowledging and celebrating one's feminine qualities, viewing them not as weaknesses but as sources of strength, resilience, and inspiration. 

— Inside the feminine identity are some of the finest materials on earth: love, tenderness, creativity, care, nurturing, and collaboration. —

divine feminine


Integrating feminine spirituality into daily life is a continuous process. In addition to self-reflection and meditation, mindfulness is another key practice on the feminine path. Mindfulness involves staying present and aware, fully engaged with the world around oneself. It encourages individuals to live in the moment, to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the world around them, and to cultivate a sense of gratitude for the simple joys of life. 

— Preoccupation with the past and insecurity about the future have destroyed many of our “nows.” — 


Self-care is another essential practice in this journey. This is critical for women. Many cultures live by rules that dictate the woman cooks but eats last. The feminine path believes a woman's role is so critical to the world that if she falters, so does the world. She must ensure her needs are met, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Healthy food, exercise, sufficient rest, connection, and play are the final ingredients in this feminine mix. 

Embracing feminine spirituality is not a linear path but a continuous process of self-discovery and self-improvement. It requires patience, perseverance, and a deep commitment to personal growth. The rewards are huge, however. Greater resilience, creativity, and transformation develop, and as a deep understanding of one’s true self emerges, one becomes so strong and unshakeable that no storm matters. 

The Personal And The Professional

The feminine path will change both the personal and the professional aspects of one’s life. As one builds more self-awareness, confidence, and love of self, one changes. People will notice, and they will change. Most will celebrate this, although some might become threatened or resentful. All are a part of the feminine path and necessary. 

On a personal level, the adoption of feminine spirituality can significantly enhance relationships. It fosters a deep sense of empathy and understanding, enabling women to connect with others on a more profound, meaningful level. This spiritual connection can lead to stronger bonds, improved communication, and a greater sense of unity in relationships. As one develops powerful self-awareness and love of self, a miracle happens. 

— Fear falls away because no matter the situation, one knows one can meet it. That’s why it’s there. —

what is feminine divine

Reshaping Professional Landscapes

Feminine spirituality can be a game-changer in the workplace. It boosts confidence and self-belief, empowering women to pursue their ambitions fearlessly. This newfound confidence enhances career prospects, opening doors to opportunities previously out of reach. Women speak with a new voice. It also fosters a sense of resilience, enabling women to overcome professional challenges and setbacks with equanimity and determination.

Embracing feminine spirituality is not without its challenges. It requires courage to confront societal norms and personal fears and the resilience to overcome obstacles. But feminine spirituality teaches how to flip the rocks in the road into stepping stones on the path to success, an essential ingredient in every well-lived life.

The Role Of Community

Feminine spirituality transcends religious and political boundaries and has reshaped societies for centuries. It is a spiritual journey that embraces the divine feminine, nurturing qualities such as intuition, compassion, creativity, and wisdom. Community is also central to this journey because the feminine is a builder of home, consensus, collaboration, and family, in whatever form it takes. These attributes reach toward divinity and a united world.

Community also provides a safe space without judgment for women to share their experiences, learn from each other, and grow together. This sense of community is often cultivated through gatherings, rituals, and shared practices that honor the divine feminine. 

Collective Practices

Collective practices are a significant aspect of feminine spirituality. They include rituals, ceremonies, and shared spiritual practices that bring women together. These practices are not just about fostering a sense of community; they also serve as a catalyst for personal growth.

— When women come together in a spiritual context, they create a collective energy that is more potent than the sum of its parts. — 

This energy can be harnessed to facilitate healing, transformation, and personal growth. Collective practices such as group meditation, chanting, or ritual dancing can help individuals tap into this energy, leading to profound personal transformations. 

what is feminine spirituality

Personal Growth

Community in feminine spirituality extends far beyond providing a supportive environment. It enhances personal growth. By participating in collective practices, women learn from each other, tap into each other’s energy, gain new perspectives, develop collective power as well as personal, and together, they explore both their own spirituality as well as the nature of the divine. 

Moreover, the sense of belonging that comes from being part of a spiritual community can boost self-esteem and confidence. It also provides emotional support, an intangible that many are deprived of in critical years of development, which is crucial for personal growth and well-being.

Feminine Inclusivity

Feminine spirituality, a concept that transcends the physical realm, is a powerful force that embraces diversity in all its forms. It is a spiritual path that includes different sexual orientations, gender identities, and cultural backgrounds. This inclusivity is not just a byproduct of feminine spirituality, but rather, it is at its very core.

Feminine spirituality is not confined to the biological definition of femininity. It is a universal energy that can be tapped into by anyone, regardless of gender identity. It is about nurturing, compassion, intuition, and creativity - qualities that are not exclusive to any particular gender. This spiritual path welcomes all gender identities, from cisgender to transgender, non-binary, and beyond. Sexual orientation is another aspect where feminine spirituality shows its inclusivity. It does not discriminate based on who one loves. Whether one identifies as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or anywhere along the spectrum, feminine spirituality is open and accepting. 

— It fundamentally recognizes that love, in all its forms, is a divine expression of the human spirit. —

Cultural diversity is also deeply respected within the realm of feminine spirituality. It acknowledges that different cultures have their unique ways of connecting with the divine feminine. Whether it's through the worship of goddesses in Hinduism, the reverence for Mother Earth in Indigenous cultures, or the veneration of female saints and the Magdalene in Christianity, feminine spirituality embraces it. It encourages individuals to explore and honor their cultural roots as part of their spiritual journey

— Feminine spirituality is a path that is open to all. —

what is feminine energy spiritual

A Spiritual Practice

In the realm of holistic health and wellness, spiritual practices have been recognized for their profound impact on mental and physical well-being. For centuries, supporting data was anecdotal but very real. In the last 100 years, science has proven these methodologies as fact in strengthening human performance and health. Spiritual practices, ranging from meditation to prayer, have been associated with numerous health benefits. According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, 

— Women who regularly engage in spiritual practices have lower mortality rates, improved mental health, and better quality of life. —

These practices can reduce stress, enhance emotional well-being, and foster a sense of connection with oneself and the world. No downside exists.

Among these practices, orgasmic meditation (OM) has emerged as a unique method that combines the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of sexuality

What Is Orgasmic Meditation?

Orgasmic Meditation, a practice that involves a 15-minute partner exercise focusing on female arousal, has been gaining attention for its benefits. Researchers studying bonded couples practicing OM collected data indicating their ability to focus was stronger than lifetime ™ practitioners, and positive feelings of self-awareness and sexual satisfaction rose through the roof. 

Psychological Perspectives

From a psychological perspective, Orgasmic Meditation is a form of mindfulness practice. It encourages women to focus on their sensations, promoting intense awareness. Improved mental health is the result, as mindfulness is linked to reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Moreover, Orgasmic Meditation helps women overcome sexual barriers and enhances their sexual experiences. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy

— Women who practice Orgasmic Meditation report higher levels of sexual satisfaction and improved relationships. —

It is clear that they hold significant potential for improving women's overall well-being.

Science keeps building a picture of the benefits of OM that indeed holds significant potential for improving women’s well-being, the ultimate goal of following the feminine path.

masculine and feminine energies

Criticisms and Challenges

Feminine spirituality, a path that emphasizes the divine feminine energy, has been gaining traction in recent years. It is a spiritual journey that seeks to balance the masculine and feminine energies within us, fostering a sense of wholeness and harmony. However, like any spiritual path, it is not without its criticisms and challenges.

One of the most common criticisms of feminine spirituality is that it is a form of reverse sexism. Critics argue that focusing on the divine feminine energy inherently devalues the masculine. That’s a misunderstanding of the concept. 

— The feminine does not seek to replace or diminish the masculine; rather, it aims to balance the two energies. —

It is about recognizing and honoring the feminine aspects of the divine, often overlooked or undervalued in many spiritual traditions.

Cultural Appropriation

Another criticism is that feminine spirituality is a form of cultural appropriation, borrowing heavily from indigenous and Eastern spiritual traditions. While it's true that many practices associated with feminine spirituality have roots in these traditions, it's important to approach them with respect and understanding. 

— It's not about taking from other cultures but about learning and growing from their wisdom. —

The path of feminine spirituality also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest is societal conditioning. We live in a society that often values masculine traits, such as assertiveness and rationality, over feminine traits, such as intuition and empathy. This can make it difficult for individuals to fully embrace their feminine energy.

Lack Of Mainstream Acceptance

Another challenge is the lack of mainstream acceptance. While feminine spirituality is growing in popularity, it is still considered fringe by many. This can lead to feelings of isolation and misunderstanding for those who choose to walk this path.

Despite any naysayers, the path of feminine spirituality offers many rewards. It provides a framework for understanding and integrating the feminine aspects of the divine, leading to a more balanced and holistic spiritual experience. It encourages self-love, self-acceptance, and the honoring of one's own intuition and inner wisdom. It does not have the rules, dictates, or levels of any organized religion. 

The Journey

Embracing feminine spirituality is a powerful journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It offers a unique perspective on life and self, providing a lens through which women can view their existence and their potential. It can bring about profound changes in personal and professional life, fostering growth, empowerment, and fulfillment. Women are encouraged to explore their own journey of feminine spirituality, not some prewritten set of steps and rules. She discovers her own special divinity, thereby unlocking a world of possibilities. 

— Her divine feminine energy and wisdom are not only remarkable, they are essential for the health of the planet. —

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