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Our Gravity

Published May, 2024

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— This is a path of shared power, and we recognize that power only activates through actual contact and experience with the world. —

When we look out into the game of life, we can see, without question, that it is rigged this way, yet we try to bypass this knowledge. We employ extraordinary, sophisticated, and effective methods to push into states of enlightenment, nirvana, heaven, and infinite consciousness. We may even develop enough stability and continuity in these states that we can take up residence in them. Many spiritual traditions would have us feel complete having made it to such states, in either their fleeting or lasting forms. 

Eros' Insight

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Eros would say, “I’m so glad you finished one of your prerequisites. You’ll need that.” And we will, because

— the path of Eros is one of looking out, seeing the causes of suffering, walking directly into the heart of these conditions, and offering ourselves over wholly. —

It is a path of allowing phenomena to take and possess us, and reveal the inner workings all things want to reveal to us.

A Magnetic Pull

Further, and even more importantly, we go through this process to reveal the magnet, the pull, the lure, the drop of beauty that has us all drawn to these experiences. And then, having been given access to that drop (and this is the part most traditions do not divulge), we experience the loving release that all those we come into contact with offer once we know them. Once collected, these drops are the makeup of our gravity.

— They provide us with the ability to remain where we are and move the world around us, precisely because we are inside of that world and not disconnected from it. —

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