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Feminine Spirituality Is Rooted in Nature

Published May, 2024

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Designed by a masculine ethos to promote a masculine aesthetic, the single-minded focus on spirit—or, at a minimum, the “aim” in that direction—is a reduction of nature and reality so we can drive it toward an ultimate climax.

— This climax could be enlightenment, heaven, Brahman, etc. This aim, therefore, necessarily views some aspects of our humanity as not only distractions from spirit, but qualities to be eradicated. —

It makes sense that the top positions, the leaders and educators in these forms, would be men. Just as it’s set up in spirituality with consciousness on top and the body as a servant to consciousness, priests, gurus, monks are on top and nuns are there to serve that agenda. Consciousness would have the body believe it is there to protect it from “external threats,” including the body itself. The Feminine has an entirely different perspective.

Feminine Response to Masculinity

Though the threatened Masculine, which aims to control the body, expects resistance and retaliation, the Feminine’s answer is not to dominate or overthrow it for control. This would be a misguided projection of masculine values onto feminine motives. The Feminine, operating from an ethos of interdependency, would find no need to overthrow; instead,

— she would build a system where spirituality is rooted in nature herself, neither above consciousness nor divorced from it. —

It would be a system where we do not attempt to wrest more satisfaction from any one realm than it can offer because we appreciate each realm for its unique value. The God-versus-nature debate would resolve itself and God would be found everywhere; there would be a marriage between the spiritual and the natural, allowing us to see the world through both aspects.

Women's Disconnect from Nature

Just as man must sever his connection with nature if he is going to be spiritual in the existing concept of spirituality, so, too, must woman. In doing so, she cuts herself off from precisely what makes her woman. This is because, in the existing concept,

— she is seen as the very embodiment of what will lure man “down” to his animal nature: the body. —

The natural emanation of who she is must be covered, disguised, kept as invisible as possible through modest dress, diet, and position. Thus, what she must most conceal is her power, because power equals visibility equals threat. A woman who chooses not to conceal her power must then choose a spirituality that represents her own ethos.

Women's Spiritual Ethos

This ethos includes the intimate knowledge that her body is what other bodies come through, and come into. She knows communication with the world happens directly through the body. 

— If she does choose a spirituality that represents her own ethos, she will likely face cultural and social ostracism —

She faces, at a most fundamental level, losing herself or losing connection—with the full awareness that the very men who would have her cut herself off from her own power, and have women cut themselves off from their own power, came into this world through a woman’s body.

Awakening of Feminine Wisdom

The awakening must be a co-awakening between both feminine and masculine. She has wisdom, but unless she is willing to cultivate the power to communicate it and to educate without punishment, both will lose access to it. In fact, the awakening must begin with her. It cannot be reactive and it cannot be against, because that is not a tool she has skill in wielding. Her tool, just as with nature, is to exhibit her unyielding majesty.

— It is to use the very forces of the body—the power to magnetize, to draw in—to educate through positive reinforcement. —

Educating Through Feminine Power

She must not just educate about her power and sovereignty; she must also educate that without it, there may be great efficiency but there will be no meaning, no beauty, and no reason.

— A woman who knows her value and the value of what comes through her becomes the reason for greatness in others. —

Just as nature can produce awe, greatness, art, and draw us away from our busyness and production and into presence—so can the body of woman. The body is able to draw consciousness out of the imaginary heavens and into the nature of what is here, presenting what man is looking for in seeking union with God. This union is God, as the realization comes that God is everything.

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