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The Safety of Knowing That Women Have Desire

by Steven

I meet a woman at a bar. She introduces me to an Orgasmic Meditation (OM) practitioner. Six years pass. The practitioners of OM post about Orgasmic Meditation on social media from all over the world. Almost three years into those six years, I lost my job and my girlfriend. The OM practitioner invites me to a lecture by a teacher. I am a yes. 

I talk to her afterward and she is power, confidence, and attention incarnate. Our chat is amazing. I tell her my story. She tells me to try OM. And again, I am a yes. 

The Decision to Try Orgasmic Meditation

That’s how it started.

I said yes to the talk because no one ever invited me to such events. I'd get invited to house parties to get drunk, not to lectures on orgasm. I said yes to OM class because, at that event, I felt confident, with defenses down and in full connection.

My first OM was like being on a ship in a storm. It was just overwhelming. All activity is really intense, and it’s kind of a blur. I don’t know how I felt after. I do know I wanted to OM more. 

Childhood Isolation

I was an anti-social and very terrified kid. I played sports but remember being isolated on the playground. I lacked play with the other kids. This trend continued into college, where video games and books were my jam. I loved women and was desperate for any attention but unable to summon the power to manifest it. I studied abroad, in Spain — where I started drinking. It was amazing. I was so grateful to have discovered alcohol there because I started dancing, going out, and found my first girlfriend. I returned, graduated, and started work.

Drinking became more of a need; then, my hangovers became worse. I showed up to work hungover and wouldn’t feel like myself until noon. My girlfriend observed, "It seems like you can only have fun when you drink." I defended and denied it, but she was right. 

I needed alcohol to have fun, and I was jealous much of the time. That’s how things were before Orgasmic Meditation (OM). 

Orgasmic Meditation's Impact

Then I started OMing. I would feel this heat in my body, and all the mental chatter of "Am I good enough?" would disappear. It was as if a field of anxiety extended outside my body, and Orgasmic Meditation was how I made it dissipate. When I would OM, it felt like I developed some kind of armor.

Once I was OMing, I didn’t even think I needed to drink. Before, I would need to hit a bar for two shots before hitting the bar where my friends were. I had to go to the second bar first so I could start with a tumbler of tequila. With Orgasmic Meditation (OM), that need vanished. I can be in a social space and talk to people without anxiety. It has been almost three years of OM, and in that almost three years, I've only drank a handful of times. 

The specific part of the practice that created this armor was knowing women had a desire for OM, a desire to be touched intimately. There is the safety of knowing they have desire, and if we both say yes, we know exactly what will happen. Because there’s a container. To feel a woman open up during OM was something I had never felt before in my life. 

Connection Through OM

That opening creates a bubble where I feel totally connected, with no walls separating one from the other. I’d never felt that connection. I talk about not really playing with the kids, feeling isolated, or that my girlfriends don’t really like me. Suddenly, a fifteen-minute practice with someone can make all that other stuff vanish. And that clarity would extend past the OM. Afterward, I still felt calm, secure, and safe in my body. 

Orgasmic Meditation has given me this deep-down revelation that anything can be fun. Anything can be playful. Say you’re fighting with your girlfriend, then you think, how could I see the fun of this and turn the tides? Or your house is a mess, then you think cleaning might actually be fun. Have to call somebody you don't want to speak to for whatever reason? There could be a way to make that fun. I didn’t have that ability before. And I think Orgasmic Meditation (OM) has a lot to do with it. 

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