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The Reborn Engineer

by Olivier Magaren

Ten years ago, I was an electrical/mechanical engineer, and I worked in the oil and gas industry. I’d devoted years of education and hard work to rising higher and higher in the business. At one point, I had been placed in charge of a huge office that was in charge of projects across Europe. I was very successful, and my company trusted me—but I was exhausted. When the company decided to shutter its operations in Belgium, where I’d been born and raised, and move everything to Texas, I didn’t want to uproot my family. The company didn’t care; this was what needed to happen. I needed to be a good soldier and make the transition, or they’d find someone else. In my mind, I didn’t feel like I had a choice. So, I started preparing to shut down our Belgian facilities and move to another continent.

Health Crisis

As it turned out, my intellect accepted what had to happen, but my body knew better. In its wisdom, my body broke down. I was suddenly tired all the time, overwhelmed by fatigue. Soon, I couldn’t walk more than a few feet without needing to rest. One morning, my wife told me to pick up the children from school that afternoon. I not only completely forgot what she had asked, I ended up convinced she’d told me to be somewhere else. I went to see the doctors, and they told me I was having a complete mental and physical collapse. I needed immediate rest. The company reluctantly put me on medical leave, and as it turned out, I never went back.

My wife took charge of my convalescence, and she started looking for alternative ways of healing me. That’s how she found Orgasmic Meditation. I worked so much that it had negatively impacted our intimacy for years. She saw this as a practice that could help us, both as individuals and as a couple. We ended up OMing almost every day for months while our kids were in school. We bonded together in this practice, and it deepened our commitment to each other. Even more amazingly, it proved to be the exact kind of healing that my mind and body had needed after my collapse.

Healing Through OM

From the beginning, I felt these intense sensations in my own body when I OMed. My breakdown had led to so much loss of feeling and weakness. Though much had begun to come back before I started OMing, stroking my wife made me feel things I’d never felt before. It started with this vibration in my pelvic floor, radiating downwards towards my feet, up into my genitals, and then beyond, into my core. I felt like a complex computer being slowly restored to factory settings.

I was very lucky. Because I was out of work on a paid disability leave, I had the chance to devote myself full-time to this process. I put my health, my marriage, and my spiritual growth first; and the results revolutionized my life. The first place I noticed these changes was in my body, which felt more alive and responsive than it had since I’d been a child. The second place I noticed the changes was with my wife, as we were closer than ever. My relationship with the children grew stronger too, and then with the rest of the world.

There are stereotypes about engineers, and I suppose I lived up to most of them. I could be very remote and distant, absorbed in my work. Some people thought I was standoffish. Now, I was able to connect with others. I could see them, observe them with delight, and take a genuine interest in their lives. My curiosity about other human beings had been reborn, as if the OMs themselves had awakened this deep fascination with others who had been asleep for so long. I was living in an orgasmic state daily, and the results were apparent to everyone, even if they had no idea why I had become so different.

New Career Path

Over time, I realized that when my disability leave was up, I wanted to make this sacred work into my profession. I started studying human sexuality, and I learned how to train other people in the practice of OM. I wanted to give to others what had been given to me. Like so many people of my generation, I was raised with a lot of sexual shame. I carried that into adulthood, and if I hadn’t had my breakdown, I might have taken it to the grave. OM taught me to follow my intuition, to find my desire, to recalibrate my internal compass. There is nothing I want more than for other people to have the same experiences I’ve been so lucky to have.

OM was a portal for me; it helped me find my life’s calling. I’ve seen it work differently for other people – but even those who only do it for a little while find that something important shifts for them. In one way, I’m still an engineer: I always want to go with what is most direct, efficient, and powerful. OM is the most direct, efficient and powerful way I’ve found to find your purpose and your happiness, and I cannot recommend it enough.

I devote my life today to helping people overcome shame and transform their lives. That’s worlds away from where I was a decade ago, and OM is the reason for this 180-degree shift.

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