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The Power of Being in the Present

by Ross Edwards

Before I discovered Orgasmic Meditation (OM), I was blessed to have been raised by two great parents. I had a wonderful childhood. I was always very involved with religion and spirituality, why we are here, and why that matters. I was not raised to be religious; I just found it on my own, reading spiritual texts and exploring philosophies.

Marriage and Divorce

I started dating and got married in my mid-twenties. After 16 years of marriage, I got divorced. I had two kids and was shocked and surprised when my marriage started falling apart. The dissolution of my marriage was a big turning point for me. I was living on autopilot, thinking everything was good and that I was doing everything right. In Christianity, I had been taught to be of service to the Church and God, but I forgot to be more persistent about my wife’s needs. I was in a safe place back then, but once it was rocked open, I got honest about other teachings I was interested in. 

I found Orgasmic Meditation (OM) after being divorced about a year ago while exploring different hobbies and interests. It was such a new concept, not something I was actively looking for, and it caught my attention. A week later, I filled out a form online and got a call. I signed up for an intro class.

Men's Course

During class, the staff did a demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) and then opened it up to the audience to express what they were thinking and feeling. It was great to hear what these other people were saying, and it got me really excited that people were sharing the same feelings that I was feeling. I was blown away by how my body and spirit reacted to the demonstration and the people around me. It was a powerful experience, like watching a great movie, yet you and the audience are taken on the journey. 

After the Intro class, I signed up for a men’s course where the concepts of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) were explored further in conversation with men only. The instructor was relatable and shared a lot about being a man and about a lot of the areas I wanted to grow in as a man. It made a lot of sense. I kept going, taking more classes and eventually had my first OM.

The First Orgasmic Meditation Request

I had already met so many great people, and they were expressing thoughts that normalized men and women in relationships, as well as the feminine and desire and the wildness of it. Being more masculine, rigid, and straight-laced, I felt like I was missing that side of things. It also opened me up to the idea of play and that desires and playfulness were okay. Orgasmic Meditation helped me learn what the feminine really is through stroking.

The first step in Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is to ask someone for an OM. I had met someone I felt a lot of connection and energy with, and I called and asked her to OM. I just blurted it out and felt such a huge release of energy. I was so relieved that she said yes. I felt the courage to put my desire out there. There was so much expectation leading up to it, but it’s about putting my desires out there and expressing them despite the result. 

A Lesson in Presence & Authentic Masculinity

We got the logistics down and went through what the container was, making sure I understood it. When we did the OM, there was no fear of right or wrong; I could fully participate in it. Time tends to slow down during Orgasmic Meditation in the nest. You are grounding and noticing, and the whole experience felt clean and honest, giving and receiving this great energy. It felt so natural to me. I felt a high-energy sensation when I got home after the OM, like being charged up and buzzing from six cups of coffee.

One time, during an OM, I was not paying attention. I was speeding up a lot, trying to get a reaction, which is a masculine thing. I wanted to be a great “OMer” and make something happen rather than just being in the experience. Halfway through, it hit me what I was doing, and I understood that even in my life, I always try to will things rather than just show up and be present. When I let go of the sense of failure and shame, it was a much more beautiful experience. I made the adjustments I was told, and the sensation was completely different. I didn’t have to fix things that weren’t broken, which affected me deeply. 

Orgasmic Meditation's Impact on Parenthood

Orgasmic Meditation has allowed me to bring more attention to things, especially as a parent. It has helped me realize there is a lot going on that I was not paying attention to with my kids and to shut off the noise and be fully present. Then, I can give a hundred percent, which is the masculine side of things. I can now also express that feminine side and be less guarded, more open, and comfortable, and not avoid things. I can sit in those feelings and not run or hide from them. I know I can always return to being present, current, and being there. That is how powerful my energy is now.

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