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Outside the Comfort Zone Together

by Seth

I was married at the time I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation, and my wife and I both thought it sounded interesting. 

The first few times I tried OM - Orgasmic Meditation, I felt awkward and stupid, wondering if I was doing it right. It felt super robotic and clunky, and we were frustrated because it did not seem to be going the way we thought it should, but we were still open to trying it again.

Misconceptions About Orgasmic Meditation

I consider myself an open person in general. I am a guy, and I love being a good husband. I am someone who is driven by sex, and that was part of the motivation to try OM for me, and hopefully for my wife to get excited and maybe have me get something in return. When that didn’t happen, I realized the practice is not actually sexual. 

I liked that my wife and I both got to feel vulnerability and awkwardness together. It was nice to be not alone in my feelings because she was feeling those things, too, and that was the non-sexual part that was interesting and kind of cool. Even when there were those moments of her making requests for adjustments, like, no – to the left a little more, no, go back down, do this or that, it may have felt at first like the whole thing was not working, but we were experiencing this stuff together, and we ended up feeling actually quite intimate and connected afterward.

Growth and Exploration

The silver lining was that we both experienced the same things, and it helped us be open to trying other things, exploring parts of ourselves and our relationship and our marriage, and staying curious about life. That is really important, especially when you don’t want to do something, that you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and something good will come out of it. We want to continue to keep pushing those boundaries. Orgasmic Meditation was definitely on the edge of that comfort zone for us, and I don’t regret it at all. I was more than happy to do it.

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