OM is Equally Beneficial for Men

by Bernard

Before finding Orgasmic Meditation (OM), I cared a lot about what other people thought of me and looked for approval from others. I was always worried about it and carried it with me. After I found OM, I stopped caring so much, and I can approve of myself and my feelings so much more now. I am able to relate to people better and empathize with them more. I don’t just relate to them on a surface level. I can dig into who they are and what they really want, as far as their true desires in life. It also helped me in my career by allowing me to speak up more about my accomplishments and the value I bring to the team, how I saved the company money or helped the team meet our schedule on time or earlier. I don’t brag, but I do feel more in touch with my true value and what I do well.

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) Practice

I have been doing Orgasmic Meditation on and off for a while, and with the pandemic, it’s been a year since my last one. Orgasmic Meditation is a very vulnerable practice. It opens you up and helps you express yourself. I like that. You learn to accept everyone for who they are. You learn to ask for what you want and receive it. And you can say no, and it is not a big deal. A lot of people have so much trouble saying no. In OM, you can say, “No, thank you,” and it is acceptable. 

Sensory Experiences

I had some pretty incredible OM experiences where my body would just light up and get really hot. I would feel all these different sensations, electrical, heat, all kinds of things. I had this one experience where it felt like someone was scratching my leg. I thought it was my partner and kept looking down, but she wasn't moving. It was odd, and I never figured out what it was, but it was a good feeling when my body would light up like that. It is this energy going through my body that spreads from my fingers to my hands to my arms, chest, neck, head, and torso. It sometimes lasts for days afterward, and I will have a more heightened sense of awareness. I’ll be more turned on.

Sharing OM

If people ask me about Orgasmic Meditation, I talk to them about the practice and start off with how it relates to their spirituality. I tell them about the stroking and usually always get a positive reaction. I will give them links so they can go look it up and learn more, and, usually, when they do, their eyes will light up, and they think it is so interesting. 

I love that OM stimulates all your nerves and wakes you up, like a cold shower does. Men often cannot see beyond how it only benefits the woman, but I try to explain to them that you can take that same energy and make it a part of you. You can be receptive to it and absorb it into yourself. 

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