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Learning to be Honest

by Naresh

I moved to the US when I was 28, but to get married, I went back to India to find a wife. This was the first time I had a woman in my life, and the relationship only lasted for three months. She was a very expressive woman, and she had a lot of dreams and desires. I didn’t think I could keep up with fulfilling them. It’s like a dance where you move in step with one another, which was very challenging for me.

Woman Exposes Man's Vulnerabilities

She was the first woman to see behind the usual mask I wore, pretending to be powerful and in control. We quickly withdrew from each other. After three months, I bought a ticket and sent her back to India, promising to bring her back to the States. But I never brought her back. We had an ugly separation. It was very hard for me financially, and she was devastated because she was so full of dreams about making it in America.

I knew I couldn’t go into a new relationship the way I was, and I knew I needed to work on myself and change, so I started going to meetups in Phoenix. One day, people talked about Orgasmic Meditation (OM), and I immediately wanted to learn more about it. The very next day, I signed up for a class.

Finding Orgasmic Meditation

The first time I OMed, I cried. I thought it might be about getting something from another human being, but when I experienced Orgasmic Meditation, I realized it was about getting to know myself and how to create a connection. OMing was a huge challenge because I didn't know what I was feeling inside initially. Even if I felt something, I couldn't express how I was feeling.

I faked so many things, so many times, saying what I had heard other people say. But slowly, slowly, I tuned into my body and started paying attention to the process, how her genitals were being affected, how her body was reacting, how her breathing was changing. 

Honest Relationships with Women

At first, I thought there were things that I needed to say and ways I needed to perform to make an orgasm happen. But finally, I realized that was my old story, thinking how things should be. I realized Orgasmic Meditation is a whole process and not a straightforward thing, and orgasm was not limited to a climax occurring. There were no expectations for me other than being with that process. Now, I am relaxed and can be intimately present in OM and relationships with women. I can be more honest about who I am and what I can offer. 

I have also started being honest with my family members and trusting my friends more. My relationships with men have opened up, and I am developing friendships. An intimate part of me is opening up and learning to listen. I’ve started reading books, meditation, and yoga. I’ve started writing and journaling. I’m developing more and more tools, and how I look at the world is changing. I now have a lot of love and abundance in life.

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