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Intimacy Without Expectation & Commitment

by Mark

I’ve lived in the same town most of my life. I toured around a little bit, but I’m close to my family. I’ve been involved in transformational work for a long time and was lucky enough to be around a lot of very awakened people starting around age 19.

Orgasmic Meditation & The Desire For More Connection

I spent two years as a ski bum after high school, and then I went to college for two years. I also worked as a volunteer with the Hunger Project back in 1977. The whole goal of the project was to end world hunger by 1997, and it was a place of incredible commitment and enthusiasm. Every person on staff had to have a handful of volunteers to get their jobs done. We all loved our work so much because we were making a difference. 

It wasn’t loneliness that brought me to Orgasmic Meditation. I simply wanted to be near to women and their passion. It’s an amazing energy that women have. I also wanted to have more companionship. From the start, I found Orgasmic Meditation to be really interesting because it is such a tightly bound protocol. I think the boundaries and rules create a safe space for people, and that’s where its brilliance lies. The practice is completely clear that it’s just about touching the clitoris and, even more specifically, the upper left-hand quadrant. 

Frankly, I’m always one to mess around with boundaries, expand horizons, and look for what's new and different. But I admire and respect the OM boundaries and stay within them because of the safe space it creates and how that creates a window for trust.

Deepening Intimacy

My first OM I was as nervous as could be. I remember being worried about doing it right. I felt cramped and stooped over, and I didn’t experience any pleasurable sensations. But I got my sense of enjoyment by getting in touch with the strokee’s enjoyment. After that first time, I decided I wanted to continue OMing, and I felt that even with the difficulties, I enjoyed those early OMs and learned a lot from them.

I get lit up by being around women who are turned on and experiencing that kind of pleasure. It's thrilling.  It's an overall body sensation—a kind of elation where I’m just really happy to be there. Sometimes I'll feel currents or twinges of energy. I've been really surprised, sometimes, by the energy and enjoyment that occurs during the grounding at the end of an OM—amazing waves and surges of energy. The rest of it is just je ne sais quoi—I don’t know how to say it. It just feels so good to be around that energy. And I definitely don't mind receiving requests for adjustment. It’s great to get a little feedback to know where I am on the map. 

The Expansive Nature Of Orgasmic Meditation (OM)

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) has definitely expanded my opportunities to be with women at a deep level of intimacy without expectations and commitments. I feel like I have begun to see women more plainly as they are. It’s a pleasure to watch them come to understand more about themselves through OM, the nature of what feels good to them, and what their wants and desires are. I can't talk about Orgasmic Meditation in very many social circles. But I think it’s impacted how I can talk to women. 

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