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Increasing My Capacity For Intimacy

by Rob

I am no stranger to meditation practices, exploring energy, and actively participating in several communities. Orgasmic Meditation is a particularly focused practice that is astute in its simplicity. I found the OM community very welcoming and non-judgmental, with practitioners from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and worldviews. I recommend OM to both veterans of spiritual practices and newcomers. Orgasmic Meditation is the ultimate in trust and intimacy; it fosters deep connection and heart expansion in a truly unique and profound way. 

I’m a 65-year-old male, a massage therapist, instructor, and practitioner in several somatic and meditative practices. For me, Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is part of a broader, energy-transforming lifestyle.

As a child of the 60s, I’ve always felt connected to attempts to liberate the ideas of how we best relate to each other from religious and societal constraints. I think our culture is very conflicted about the body: we think of ourselves as liberated and confident, but in reality, we are still dominated by the morality of the religious establishment, which has kept truth under tight wraps for two thousand years. We live in a culture that still stigmatizes intimacy and makes it taboo. As a result, practices related to body healing have been driven into the shadows and often manifest in forms that are damaging to individuals and communities.

My Orgasmic Meditation Practice

I first started OMing about two years ago, and it was a natural extension of other practices I had developed. My first OM was very technical and focused on arranging everything correctly, learning the correct motion, and finding the right seating. Since then, my wife and I have incorporated it into our lives. We find that it builds trust and intimacy and that our hearts come into perfect harmony during OM sessions.

I see Orgasmic Meditation as part of a broader range of practices that help each of us connect more strongly with divine or spiritual energies. That is very much a part of my practice and, for me, a big part of OM. But OM is also a very specific, focused practice, which makes it different from other disciplines. Because it is very focused and very restrained in terms of boundaries, it may be more approachable for people beginning their exploration. 

In that same vein, one of the things I also really liked about Orgasmic Meditation and its community of practitioners was the wide range of people and backgrounds it comprised.

Heart Expansion During OM Practice

The actual experience of the OM practice has always been about heart expansion. During OM sessions, I physically feel my heart relaxing and opening more. I feel myself opening to my partner and the energies OM taps into. 

I recommend OM as an amazing exercise in focusing, opening your heart, and connecting with another person. OM increases my capacity for intimacy and generates a strong sensation of peace, openness, and pleasure for me and my partner. 

For newcomers to this work, I think Orgasmic Meditation is a wonderful practice for discovering your potential and inner energies. It is a mutually satisfying practice that fosters connection and reflection while building trust and intimacy in ways that can be truly life-changing.

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