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I Grew A Greater Empathy Towards Women

by Leon Thompson

My partner found Orgasmic Meditation and introduced me to it by sending me an online link. She jumped in and did it before I did and thoroughly enjoyed the course. She said, “Well, why don't we just go and try it out together?” At first, I didn’t have the desire to do it, but at the same time, I had a huge curiosity about it. 

The Essence of Orgasmic Meditation

We OMed together, and the practice turned into something quite radical in terms of discovering oneself. At first, I was almost quite secretive about it. I had to be around certain people before I could really strike up a conversation about it. And when I did bring it up with some of our friends, some would just look at me wide-eyed and not be able to really say anything. 

What I did like about the practice was the sense of Orgasmic Meditation - OM as a container. Even though it involves sexual organs, it really is confined in its scope and a partnered practice. Although I think a lot of people don’t understand how a woman would be able to do that—to expose herself to someone for no other reason than to experience pleasure and to experience a surrender within those few self-contained minutes with no obligations or further connection or anything. I think if looked at that way, the practice must seem odd to a lot of people. But to me, I can’t imagine why someone—a woman—wouldn't want to experience that. To me, having no obligations to the other person has a sort of beautiful quality to it that only adds to the closeness and intensity of the whole experience. 

Sensuality and Connection

I've always been quite open and adventurous and enjoyed sensual practices, and from the very outset, I found OM - Orgasmic Meditation to be quite invigorating and liberating. It was another form of development for me, like developing a whole new set of muscles. The energy and the connection available through the practice itself are remarkable. Add to that the strong desire to experience pleasure with somebody through the act of intimate touch and the warmth that that gives you; it all goes to create this strong connection. It’s a process of unspeakable communication and sensitivity to be able to touch someone like that. It is also meditative because you are feeling each other’s energy. And then there’s the pure physiological beauty of it, where all of your senses are involved. You’re breathing and hearing the other breathing and you’re feeling being in sync with your partner—all the senses are involved right down to the level of sensing one's blood circulation. One's feelings are just enhanced in such a tremendous way. 

Orgasmic Meditation is very sensitive and very tender. And that sort of sensitivity translates out into the world around you. It affects your whole life. After my partner and I had been OMing for a while, I found I was looking at her and at other women quite differently. I seemed to feel greater empathy towards women. The practice of Orgasmic Meditation - OM helped me gain access to feeling more in touch with my partners and what they felt. I started to see how different each person can respond to touch and different forms of communication.

Courage and Intensity

There is such vulnerability that the practice requires of a woman. It’s a beautiful thing to think about a woman opening herself and what that act requires. It takes quite a massive amount of courage in one’s own psyche to take such a massive step for yourself. And then the fact that they are putting their trust in you to do it properly and have a good experience of Orgasmic Meditation. It’s an enormous thing.

It takes courage and vulnerability to do this work. I remember OMing with one woman who was constantly asking for adjustments and repeating them, who got angry and said, “You're not giving me my space.” And I realized just how much stuff the practice was bringing up in her. My partner verified this afterward, saying a lot of old history had been coming up for her. And it all rather scared me. Because my mindset wasn't quite there. I had my own orientation to the practice—about its beauty and the connection. And here was this other person who was doing it from a completely different mindset, letting things go. That really upped the intensity of the whole experience for me. Overall, I found being a stroker even more compelling.

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