I Am Better At My Job in Hospitals And I Am Able To Share With People Who I Am

by Georgio Orsina

Before I started the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM), I was shutting down emotionally, little by little, closing doors here, closing windows there, just to feel safer and to guard my feelings. I was afraid of getting hurt and afraid of getting into relationships. The problem with that was, as the years passed, I closed so many doors that eventually I was feeling alone. Safe but alone. 

Surprising Experiences and Shifting Perspectives

A woman I was dating told me about Orgasmic Meditation in the fall of 2014. But being a man raised in Latin America, I almost didn’t dare to go, mostly because of sexual shame. There was definitely a kind of block. But I went to the intro class, and I immediately liked it. At first, I thought the practice was all about sex. But once I started OMing, I realized that sex was not the purpose of the practice; it was about realizing the possibilities in myself and changing my feelings about sex and women and relationships.

The most confusing thing in my mind was that I felt so little sexual desire while OMing. At the same time, I would be in practice, sweating like crazy, feeling the energy of the woman I was OMing with flowing through me. I enjoyed the experience, but it was more like a feeling, a sensation of connection to every woman—a sensation that was not sexual at all—even though I was touching her genitals.

I was OMing four or five times a week, and eventually, I realized I was learning to align with a higher purpose. I stopped seeing women as opportunities for sex. Instead, I discovered opportunities to connect and learn from women what they feel, think, and believe—what ideas they want to share.

Professional Impact

Orgasmic Meditation taught me not to block my feelings or fear my pain. Because blocking the emotional pain present in life was also blocking all the feelings of love. The practice taught me to see pain and suffering as a path of growth and to understand that pain is not a bad place to be. It’s just part of the feelings you have to feel to grow. 

Opening up to all my feelings, my sensitivity to other peoples’ energies grew. Sometimes, I could feel the pain and joy of people I had never met and sense a connection with them. My physical senses of sight, smell, and taste expanded and sharpened. Today, I don’t have an agenda to accomplish anything. I just want to be happy and enjoy my life. Through the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, I have learned to be myself—not to pretend to be somebody else—just to be me. And that’s one of the most remarkable parts of the practice that I have built upon to this day.

Professional Impact

Working in a hospital environment, I can help my clients much more now because I’m not afraid of connecting and feeling their pain and upset. I feel what they're going through, the fears that they're living through. And I’m there for them. Orgasmic Meditation has helped me to do my job much better and more easily.

Best of all, my relationships have changed. I have fewer friends than before because now the few friends I do have are more real. I remember giving gifts to people, buying friendship, trying to show people they were worth my friendship, all the while not showing who I really was. Now, I can just be myself. My whole approach to sex and intimacy has changed, as well. Before Orgasmic Meditation, the biggest mistake I made was to focus on sex when I dated someone new, which would be great for a few weeks. But then the interest would die down, and there was not much to talk about because no real connection had been forged up front. I couldn't be the true person I was with her.

Slowing Down and Connecting

OM has helped me to slow down and to see and appreciate more of what’s around me. I’m able to be more vulnerable and share who I am with people. This year, I’ve been very lucky because I met a special woman at the beginning of the year before the pandemic. It’s been such a wonderful adventure getting to know each other and accepting each other the way we are—loving each other through the changes we’re going through, especially in these difficult times.

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