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Free To Be An Explorer

by Randy Brentwood

In the last 40 years, I’ve done many, many things that have been part of the journey of becoming more of who I am. I found Orgasmic Meditation through a friend. What led me to engage in the practice was the fact that this is something different. It is a very brave practice, and I thought it would help take me into a different dimension of experience than I'd explored before. 

OM Community

OM - Orgasmic Meditation is fresh, and some very cool people are gathering around it. Basically, you know a tree by its fruits. And what I saw of the fruits of OM were people who didn't feel overly naive, nor did they feel like exhibitionists. A sense of ownership was being developed around parts of our nature as human beings—something new being deeply investigated. I noticed how it felt to listen to what my partner wanted and how I somehow also felt nourished when she had that. I remember thinking, “Oh, this is something I want to explore.” 

I went to an introduction and liked the games and the discussions. I liked the people. Next, I did a workshop, and my first OMing partner was a very sweet, younger woman who I wouldn't have approached, but she chose me. I felt honored to have her trust.

From the start, I recognized the value of the practice because I am very fluid as a person. I'll flow in multiple directions. Following the path rather than flowing off in different directions was really a discipline. But it didn't feel at all weird. It felt like a practice with the potential to go to a lot of new places, so I continued.

Sensations and Relationships

As a stroker, I felt tender. I felt aroused but in a very level way. It wasn't anything wild. It felt like a plant opening. I felt tingling, and I felt my breath, longing, and warmth. For a while, going to that place with a woman and not being in a relationship with her was strange. That was something that was hard to overcome in my own mind. Eventually, I ended up feeling like I was in a relationship because there were these exchanges of some personal details, and I got to know my partners as human beings as well.

I recognized that each woman, allowing herself to be met in this way, showed courage. I really felt the need to honor that. I also recognized that I was being given the opportunity to be an instrument. I was being allowed into the mystery of my partner's vulnerability, and through that, I found my own vulnerability. It was sweet, the connection between stroker and strokee.

More than anything, Orgasmic Meditation expanded my depth of awareness and the depth of my respect for the feminine. I loved the integrity and the fact that OM - Orgasmic Meditation breaks the bounds of conditioning. I've always felt that the current social system of marrying and sort of owning the other person—this very tight connection between man and woman—feels very artificial. And Orgasmic Meditation made me realize I'd been conditioned to accept that artificiality. So, it’s helped me feel free to be an explorer.

Sexual Energy and Enjoyment

The flow of sexuality is a life current, and it feels very important to allow that current not to be switched off, especially as we age. As a young person, life was very much about grasping for my own experiences. As I have aged, I have become more aware of the enjoyment of being connected with my partner. For myself, now that the testosterone doesn't kick in the same way as it used to, Orgasmic Meditation is one of the ways of keeping that sensual aspect of myself alive.

Orgasmic Meditation is part of the healing between man and woman and an essential part of our evolution. There needs to be a sense of honoring women in the world. I don't think we'll survive if we can't do that. That's how important it is.

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