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Finding the Freedom to Ask

by Daniel

I’ve been practicing Orgasmic Meditation for ten years now. I know that a lot of people come to OM because they’re going through a difficult time and are hungry for something that will bring real change. They’re looking for a life-changing experience from the get-go. That wasn’t me. I came to OM out of little more than curiosity; I searched online and found a group that taught Orgasmic Meditation. What I received in return was well beyond anything I could have imagined.

There’s always been a part of me that felt like I had certain desires that would never be fulfilled. I’d always been in monogamous relationships and wanted something more open to explore. I wasn’t sure if it was possible ever to experience what I was curious about, but I figured my best chance was to find a group of like-minded people. Honestly, that was my goal in coming to my first Orgasmic Meditation.

Practicing Beginner's Mind

Before my first Orgasmic Meditation, I would have said I was really good at stimulating a woman. I knew my way around their bodies – or so I thought. Then came my first time stroking, and I felt as if I didn’t know anything. It was humbling and scary, and I had sweat pouring out of me. I was scared I would drip all over my partner. I was shocked – this wasn’t at all what I’d expected. I’d thought of myself as an expert on sex, but my first OM—Orgasmic Meditation showed me I had a lot to learn.

Orgasmic Meditation is Not Sex

One of the things I needed to learn was that OM—Orgasmic Meditation was about a lot more than sex. I got a taste of that the first time when I suddenly felt this strange warmth in my heart while stroking. I’d never felt anything like that before. Make no mistake, I still felt skeptical. At the same time, I was also open-minded, interested, and curious about exploring a bit more.

That curiosity didn’t lead me very far for a while. I had other things going on, and though I’d done my first OM in 2010, it wasn’t until 2013 that I fully committed to my practice. Two things that contributed to my opening in the OM practice were continuing my education about the philosophy of Orgasmic Meditation and building up a consistent daily practice. I started to feel competent as a stroker, and I could feel more unexpected sensations like the warmth in my chest. I felt free and empowered. The more I OM’d, the more I started to get it and really understand what was available here. There was a whole range of sensations to feel, and I was predisposed to the intense variety. Similar to how I learned Orgasmic Meditation is not sex, I realized it’s not going to be explosive and ecstatic every time. Often, the sensations and flavors in an OM are way more subtle, like a soft humming or a stillness. And I learned to enjoy all of it. 

Confronting Loneliness

In the beginning, I said that what brought me to practice OM—Orgasmic Meditation was plain curiosity. I want to amend that. I was sad – there was a lot of deep sorrow in my life, even though I enjoyed how a lot of my life had been going before I found the practice. I felt alone and scared, and that loneliness was what drove me to make a lot of the decisions I made. Now, I’m part of this extraordinary practice based on connection and being with what is. I can be in touch with all parts of myself, even the darkness that I hid away, and I can engage with it in healthy and meaningful ways.

Practicing Authentic Expression

One of the major takeaways I gained from my OM practice was the permission to express myself. I always knew a confident man was here, but I pushed that down. I was more shy than I let on, and I felt scared to let the bold part of me out, unsure of how I would be received. OM helped me find approval for my passionate nature, and I became less reliant on external validation. I can now acknowledge what I want and ask for it. Once I ask, I’m genuinely okay with whether the answer is yes or no. Whether I get exactly what I want isn’t the point anymore. What matters is my freedom and ability to express myself.

It doesn’t just matter for me. That’s the thing about Orgasmic Meditation – when you make a shift, you shift everyone around you. I see it all the time now. People are blown away by my directness. They may not want to give me what I want; I may not want to give them what they want. That’s not the point. The point is that we all want that kind of confidence, that kind of certainty and power. It’s incredible to start embracing that kind of change in our lives.

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