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Finding Strength, Connection, and Untethered Expression

by Rob Abed

I grew up in New York as part of a very supportive Indian family. My parents and grandparents always were supportive of me expressing myself however I needed to. I always felt almost whimsical. My friends call me fickle-minded, but I felt more like a kite in that whatever I wanted, I would go after it. 

Exploring Orgasmic Meditation

I went into trying the practice of Orgasmic Meditation feeling like an empty chalice. I was hopeful it would add something to my life and help peel away layers. I felt light-headed and very excited during my first OM. I don’t even think I was stroking correctly at that time. It was difficult for me to learn to respect the container and the way that you set it up. I had to learn to respect the boundaries. But after I did it, I felt awesome. 

Finding Strength & Connection

I learned through Orgasmic Meditation to say no without worrying about how I was going to be perceived. I used to have this problem of sleeping with someone even though I wasn’t really into it because it seemed like the thing to do. I now understand that if I am not feeling something with someone, it’s okay to completely walk away. Or that there is no goal to get to; it’s about both partners being willing to be there and about the practice and being present to it. I don’t conform now so easily and can say no in many of my life situations. I also now feel this inherent strength that helps me resonate and connect with people more without actually seeking something in return. 

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