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Expanding My Field of Permission

by Michelle Avery

I had been doing meditations and experiencing beautiful learnings for a while. The practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) was an interesting addition and gave me a deep embodiment of something I hadn’t quite touched before. OM allowed me to drop into my body and feel sensations in a way I never had. 

Discovery of Orgasmic Meditation

When I first heard about Orgasmic Meditation, it sounded very natural to me. It is about human beings, people, connecting with each other’s bodies, and it felt normal to me. In OM, you put focused attention on what you are doing and allow there to be a space where anything can happen. It’s beautiful to have this between two people who can see what is available to them. It is about all the possibilities that are there.

Starting OM allowed me to feel the sensations in my body, remember them, and hone in on them more. I was living in New York City and working at a corporate job. I had my coffee every morning, went to work, saw my friends, and ran errands after work. I was a busy person and was not taking the space and time to slow down. When I did, it would be going for a bike ride, going for a run, or a sitting meditation, as they each have their own beautiful value. Orgasmic Meditation, in particular, was connecting with another human being and allowing myself to feel. This was a new and different element for me. 

Authentic Connections in OM

I also appreciated that in the Orgasmic Meditation (OM) community, there were genuine connections with people, which is something I was craving. The water-cooler talks at work, happy hours with colleagues, and meeting with friends are usually all about putting on these different faces or masks, and that gets exhausting. I have true and good friends through OM now that I can totally be myself around. I don’t have to pretend. No small talk about having 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. It feels like this huge permission field for a whole range of interesting things to research, something that goes five layers deeper than just the surface.

There was one OM session in particular where I felt a lot of sensations, and I started to see colors. That was really lovely. Beforehand, I could feel sensations and name them, but in that OM, I could actually see the different colors. It showed me more of what’s possible to experience.

Sensation-Focused Meditation

I also had an OM with a person who was new to the practice. I was the more experienced partner, and, at that point in my life, I was still learning how to speak up about my desires in a specific way. We were in our own session, and I gave him very explicit adjustments, like a little bit to the left, a little slower, or a little more pressure. When it was over, he told me he really appreciated the instruction and how clean and clear I was with what I was asking for because it helped him better tune into me and what I wanted.

I am so glad that Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is allowing me to do that, to bring it out, share it with someone, and have them receive it. It reinforces how powerful it can be when we speak cleanly and clearly, without attachment. It may happen, or it may not, but at least I am speaking my truth, and doing so serves us both in different ways.

Like everything else, a lot of it comes from what we make of it and what we bring to it. I love this practice because it can be such a clean and solid space that allows everything in me to be healed. This is really rare in our day-to-day world, where we don’t have many spaces that we can come into where the permission field is so big. The container in Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is so structured and deeply held, especially when we literally open up our most vulnerable body parts to another person. Having that structure keeps the integrity there, and that is huge.

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