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Changing How I Experience the World

by Matt

Everything about OM transformed everything about me. From the warmth and openness of the community to the physical and psychological experience of OM itself, the practice of Orgasmic Meditation has given me the confidence and openness I had long been searching for. Gone were my closed-off, self-involved neuroses, and my short, hollow relationships. Through OM I experienced a transformation and a new way of being in the world that feels more open, aware, and natural. As a result, I have forged a deep and soulful relationship for the first time in my life.

I started my psychology degree at 43, and I struggled to decide on a career that appealed to me. At some point, I realized I wasn’t going to figure out my life through rational thought, and I had this epiphany: a sudden conviction to stop overthinking and let myself be guided by my intuition.

Past Relationship Struggles

My previous relationships had been unsuccessful and kind of shallow – never anything long-term or meaningful. I knew it was me; I had a pattern of feeling unsafe and never really creating a meaningful connection. I knew I had to work on myself, and after I moved to London, I decided to just listen to my gut and intuition and do what felt right.

Discovering OM

That’s how I was introduced to Orgasmic Meditation. OM and improv were two of the things that I said “yes” to based on an intuitive instinct. And there was some overlap between them: in improv, you’re also really focusing on and responding to another person.

Before I asked for my first OM, I spoke to several people about it and went to an event to talk to some men who were practitioners. What they told me about the practice and how it affected their lives sounded fascinating and very promising. I have always enjoyed having new experiences, so I didn’t take much convincing.

I had a profound reaction during my very first OM. I felt a sort of physical vibration within me and an altered mental state. I hesitate to compare the sensation to recreational drugs, but the term “micro-dose” comes to mind. It was remarkable.


Though it wasn’t just the sensation of the OM itself – something stayed with me. On the tube, out in public, I felt different. I experienced the world differently and interacted with people differently. I had suddenly gained this confidence and openness, and a greater sense of connection with everyone around me. I just felt different in the world. I had changed, and the way I experienced the world changed as well.

After a while, that feeling of novelty wore off, but the change remained. I accommodated it and became acclimated to it. It became my new normal as I continued my OM practice. The resulting change to my psyche was a stark paradigm shift – I saw and experienced everything differently from before.

I also became more involved in the larger OM community and attended workshops and other community activities. I wanted to learn more about the theory, increase my general knowledge of OM, and generally open myself to further changes. The OM community was great in its mutuality and support for OM practitioners, offering some really helpful activities. I also found the community very non-judgmental, open, and helpful. I had many illuminating conversations, and everyone was attentive, considerate, and openly listening. 

Trust and Vulnerability

Asking for an OM, or being asked for an OM, is a wonderful experience in and of itself because it relies on this pervasive sense of trust and open vulnerability. Honestly, it’s also quite gratifying to be asked to OM. You might expect OM to attract people looking to cause trouble or take advantage, but it doesn’t.

I belong in this practice, and so does Kaylee, my fiancé. We met through OM, and our relationship has been the deepest and most fulfilling relationship of my life. To this day, I still can’t believe how lucky I’ve gotten. And I don’t pretend to understand how someone like me gets to be with someone like her.

We communicate so well, but we’re so often perfectly on the same page without needing to communicate at all. I believe we have a deep sense of shared values and a profound understanding of each other’s intentions. We are committed to growth and exploration, personal and professional development, and our relationship. 

Deepening Practice

I feel that I’m learning a new depth in my practice. OMing regularly with one person has taught me a lot, and I’m still learning as my practice deepens and our connection grows stronger.

My journey with Orgasmic Meditation started when I decided to open myself up to new possibilities and rely on my intuitive judgment to guide me. Ever since, I have continued to open up, gain awareness and confidence, and experience the world in new and revealing ways. OM has led me to a better life, a better self, and a profoundly meaningful, lifelong relationship.

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