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The Truth Fulfills but Only the Truth

Published May, 2024

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The tides of our internal ecology are ever present, ready to roll something needed onto our shores or carry our surplus out to another. We cannot control the tides, but when we are powered we can choose to move with or against them in natural accord.

— The question we need to ask ourselves is not if sending out or taking in is good or bad, right or wrong, or even based on fact or fiction, but is it true? —

True being an expression of sufficiency and power rather than an attempt to fill an imaginary hole. At any given moment we have two options: If full, we can pour out into what’s empty; if empty, we can receive from what’s full. Both are an expression of power that requires we remain where we are and trust the natural forces of gravity and levity to take care of the rest.

The Tumescent Mind

The tumescent mind, anxious and doubting, wants desperately to move, to do something, to take action, to fix. It contorts these options and leaves its center of gravity, and from there is in a constant push-pull with the world.

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— The fundamental hole created from having left one’s center can never be filled from off-center, and so it reaches for and pulls in what it perceives as something that can fill it, and pushes away what it thinks would empty it. —

Neither the pulling in nor the pushing away are correct. The optimal experience of inflow/outflow, where we know each stage—fullness, emptiness, in-between—is good. This natural flow is disrupted by congestion and disconnection. It becomes theoretical, rooted in ideas rather than the felt sense that power would effortlessly provide.

Beyond the Natural Mind

Outside of our natural mind, we are moved by the dictates of our preferences, by the labels on things, the appearances and our attachment to them. Allowing ourselves to feel the truth seems too difficult and time-consuming because we are so desperate to fill the hole.

— This feeling of insufficiency concretizes into an identity and we now feel not only that we are insufficient but that we are inadequate. —

And from here, it seems the way back to sufficiency is not merely to go back to the natural mind, but to fix the inadequacy—a fool’s errand we most often pursue by not only becoming good enough but better than—not only seeing it in ourselves but “showing them”—not only allowing natural goodness but grabbing for anything good whether it suits us or not.

The Way Out

The way out is simple: it is to ask if the next action we are contemplating is true for us. And then to sense, do we feel cleaner, clearer, more true power, or not? If we are honest in our listening then we act on what we hear.

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