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The Great Work

Published May, 2024

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Our noble work is to be the fierce guardian of the fragile and all-too-accommodating creative mind. Overly accommodating in the sense that it will conform to the vision of whatever authority is looking at it. If we have made the external world our authority, it will conform to how the external world would view it.

— If we have determined our own soul is the authority, it will faithfully express according to the soul’s instruction. —

This creative mind, permitted to run through to its end, will bring about the totality of our being. The goal of this existence is to become fully who we are wherever we are. Like art, creativity does not see through a lens of good or bad, but rather through symmetry and congruence.

The Pursuit of Authenticity

It seeks them out. It asks us to become the ever-more salient version of who we are, both by dissolving our capacity to manufacture who we think we should be and by revelation of who we are, regardless of who we think we should be.

— Creativity rewards through sustainable gratification rather than fleeting external approval. —

And yet, be forewarned—who we are and who we are meant to be in this life may not be the form our rational mind desires. If you are not being asked by your interior self to do and be in ways that are uncomfortable, then you are not in contact with your interior self. We can do no greater service on the planet than to live as a daily demonstration that one can fully exist being their authentic self.

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Courageous Communication

Leading by example, not mere talk, is itself a communication. It is how we offer our courage to others; it says, 

— There is another in the world who is big enough and themselves enough to welcome who you are. —

We can do this only when we have wrestled with and converted the various and true aspects of being that may or may not be in conflict with societal views. Then we must massage them through, remaining loyal, always, to what exists inside of us: to where we can see the beauty and rightness of this facet and integrate it fully into our expression.

Inner Approval

— The process and meaning of coming to know oneself is to approve of every unique quality of self, whether it comes from the world of shadow or darkness or the one of beauty and light, with equal and simultaneous approval. —

Through this long, steady work of relating with these qualities, three aspects of deeper self emerge. The first is that in meeting these unique qualities with unequivocal approval, they are converted to a beauty so rich and deep that everything we look upon is imbued with them.

Compassion and Solidity

The second element is that almost as a byproduct of this process, a deep level of sympathetic compassion for all beings develops. For when we do the work of coming to love the unlovable in ourselves, we find we love the unlovable in all. In our capacity to deepen love in this way, it begins to grow and evolve into what it was always meant to be. The third is that we become firmly planted on a foundational rightness of being. A solid and unmovable ground that knows beyond any public opinion, beyond any threat, beyond any ostracism or casting out, that

— regardless of what happens externally, there is solace in the truth of being that can withstand any external force. —

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Incorruptible Self

It is an incorruptible quality of self that confers meaning, and offers a sense of refuge in a world of shifting ideas and beliefs to those who are easily moved about by public opinion. Our work is never (unless by choice and delight) to follow any set of rules, ideas, or dogma, but rather to firmly adhere to, defend the honor of, and integrate every aspect of ourselves imaginable. The punchline is that as beings we are holographic

— there is no aspect that is not within each of us, so invariably, as we come to accept ourselves, that is precisely how much we are capable of accepting another. —

Healing Through Acceptance

It is through this acceptance that we will experience the healing of our world. The underlying method for this process is always a progressive offering of oneself to experience, to life.

— It is through humble recognition that the realization of what lies inside us is only brought about by being in contact with life itself, —

and yet we tend to have it upside down. We think our genius is something we not only can but must “work” at . . . and that it is even within our ability to do so in the first place. Or that we can earn it. Or that it will just come about of its own accord. We cast it as an achievable objective, not as a potential gift of grace that arises only when we are able to

— set aside all we know, all we think we know, all we want, all we demand both of ourselves and an experience, and all ideas about who or what this experience will make us into. —

It is only when we are stripped naked of all this that the contact between our soul and our genius can be made in such a way that the lights go on.

Genius and Humility

We tend to pile so much on top of experiences, burdening them with a sense of obligation or toil or strain or effort or frustration or reward that there is no portal, no way for the subtle and sublime force of genius to enter, connect, be heard, and be responded to. It will not comply with our demands, submit to our victimhood, answer to what we think we deserve, be blackmailed into making us as great as we think we should be.

— It will only respond to the truth of who we are: a naked, unknowing humility that wants only to know and be possessed by that which does know. —

This is genius in motion as the Erotic mind.

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