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The Excellence Of the Involuntary

Published May, 2024

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The purpose and endpoint of Eros is to bring us into a totality of being beyond the limited ideas of who we are.

— To do so will require a reintegration of what we have denied and a release of what is not true to our direct experience. —

Eros calls us into an excellence beyond the finite excellence we can achieve through the rational mind, into what we might call beauty, flow, resonance, and an awareness that things are as they are and there is no more than this. It calls us into an ever-changing realization of absolute sufficiency. At the core of Erotic intelligence and its principles, the expression of Eros can be felt. To experience this in a continuous and repeatable fashion,

— the mind must be trained to follow with exquisite response, this now-activated force within us. —

It is an incorruptible guide expressed in peak experiences: creative, sexual, spiritual.

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A New Standard

Eros reveals a new standard. Attended to, it moves us to the edge of known reality and beyond. Our natural expressions—tears, blushing, laughter—cannot be performed because they arise from the involuntary system. 

— We come to know who we are, beneath our attempts to “make” ourselves anybody. —

We place this above all else, and recognize it is an art, because the one thing we cannot make ourselves “do” is be natural. We cannot fake the appearance of Eros moving through our body—the swelling of lips, the flushing of cheeks. We cannot fake Eros moving through our creative being—the experience of genius coming through. We cannot fake Eros touching our spirit, as all things fill with presence.

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