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Second-class Spirituality

Published May, 2024

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The Erotic is the domain of the feminine aspect of the spiritual world, and as such is subject to what could be called spiritual sexism. There are many misconceptions about Eros: That it can be dominated or contained. That it is fickle, frivolous, and indecisive. That it is fragile. That it isn’t rigorous.

— That it is dangerous, demonic, and manipulative. —

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Misconceived Eros

That it is indulgent and fleeting. That it is overly emotional, hysterical, and lacks a stoic resolve. That it’s cheap. That it is irrational, untrustworthy, and can’t handle power. That it won’t listen to reason. That it owes us something and is lucky we listen to it at all. That it’s childish and a distraction. That it is improper, insatiable, and only wants material gratification.

— That it is innately transgressive and needs regulation and to be restrained and subjugated. —

That it’s unreliable, too fussy, and will never be satisfied. That it’s indolent.

Lack of Integrity

That it lacks balance. That it is undiscerning and has no integrity. That it’s vengeful. That it’s lacking in gravitas. This is spiritual sexism. The Feminine is treated as second class. No wonder Eros is so absent from our world today.

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