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Perfectionism Takes Over the Tumescent Mind

Published May, 2024

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The tumescent mind takes us out of our deeper selves into a constant running narrative in our heads. As a result, the un-potentiated energy of tumescence moves from the purifying processes of the Erotic body and begins to become progressively more rigid and fixated. We then become alienated from reality as it is: a dynamic, impermanent process.

A reality that is perfect, from the fixed vantage point of the tumescent mind, erodes into perfectionism.

— Perfectionism comes with tyrannical demands because it cannot afford any mistakes. —

It sees experience as either a threat to security or as an ever-conscious requirement to be vigilant in order to avoid stepping into an experience where the rug could be pulled out at any moment.

External Reliance

Disconnected from the consciousness that would give it relief, it then relies on an external world with constantly shifting targets to ensure its safety. It becomes automated, rooting in ideas rather than a deeper, guided intuition. 

— As a result of not having the natural felt-sense discernment, there is a constant, chronic scanning outside of itself for the right way to be. —

“Right” continues to be more elusive, and the expectations that compose it grow ever greater and more urgent in their demands that we comply.

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