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Perfection Restores Us

Published May, 2024

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When we do not yet know, have forgotten, or become unmoored from our inherent worth, everything becomes an external signifier that affirms or denies our value. When we go searching for our worth, we get exactly that: an endless search. The mind will in fact get very tight-lipped and effortful in its search. It will

— begin by developing an idea of what it means to be perfect, then look for symbols of that perfection, and then start to carry out the process of comparison. —

From there, the mind will begin to make demands of life, people, and circumstances to bring it closer to this ideal. It will reject people, their efforts, and circumstances that do not measure up to this ideal.

Denial and Scarcity

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Because the mind is determined to continue to search, it will downplay the positive aspects life and people bring to it. There will be a tendency of denial that immediately rejects the abundant generosity of life in order to maintain the scarcity consciousness required to justify the search. This will create a self-fulfilling cycle; in our rejection of generosity, those who are generous with us will find themselves exhausted in making offers and eventually, will withdraw their efforts, unable to meet our endless demand. 

— We will discover that our search for the ideal of perfection is in fact what keeps us from the recognition of our innate perfection. —

If we believe ourselves to be imperfect, then by extension, life is imperfect, and we are further transmitting the concept of imperfection, scarcity, and lack. No matter how seemingly benevolent or self-sacrificing our actions, any act made from scarcity will transmit scarcity.

Abundance and Acceptance

There is only one way to be in abundance and transmit the abundance that would bring about a miraculous shift in consciousness: to secure one’s seat in the perfection of all things. This establishes a consciousness fortified enough to both perceive what is required to restore ourselves, and to wield the power to implement it.

This fundamental acceptance of our perfection is a simple, but not easy, endeavor. It is unconsciously assumed that to accept one’s perfection is arrogant or lazy, when in fact it is anything but. It is arrogant to act from pride or shame about the handiwork of nature, and it is slothful to refuse to develop the perception capable of seeing our perfection through the many delusions of imperfection.

Perfection as a Foundation

If we are rooted in perfection, imperfection becomes a beautiful subset. If we are not rooted in perfection, any “idea” of attaining perfection becomes an impossibility, but there remains a drive to recognize the genuine perfection our soul remembers.

— When not rooted in perfection, we attempt to fill in the space with circumstances we think will provide us proof of our perfection. —

And yet, there are never enough circumstances to prove what is already there. It is not a matter of making ourselves and our circumstances perfect, but of seeing they already are.

The Erotic Mind

A mature Erotic mind has developed the means to translate every circumstance into a communication from life, ever affirming its perfection. As we are a part of this life, our perfection is as well. We will come to understand it is not until we are firmly seated in this state that we can begin to do the work of this life: being a radiant, conscious expression of perfection so everything around us is illumined by its rays.

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