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Knowing What We Know

Published May, 2024

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Most people have no idea how to know what they know. Having lived in the delusion that the rational mind can affect reality other than through constriction, most of what people call “knowing” has been a massive attempt to uphold preferences while denying reality. 

— To know in terms of the body is to know in terms of the communications of the body: the involuntary activity of the breath and the experience of illumination. —

God is both. It is only from inside the body that we can truly get inside of the breath and see illumination with the inner eye. At the same time, it is not a supernatural power that only a few possess. Nor is it uncommon. It is just that we have not been trained to perceive it.


We can get a sense of this illumination when we think back to a time of anticipatory arousal. It is as if there is something lit from within that shines beyond the body itself. We can see it in others when they step fully into a role and are illuminated, or when we are witnessing a ceremony that moves us emotionally. This is the activation of that force.

We only notice it for the most part when it is at high levels of activation—as our perception is relatively dull—but it can be ever refined to the point where we can begin to note it with the slightest glimmer. And this is what we are looking for. This is pure Eros, and how Eros communicates the truth of a moment.

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Inquiry and Truth

We send attention into the body with our inquiry. We note first if the breath is natural or holding.

— Holding the breath is often a sign we are holding back a truth or are overextended in the question. —

Next, if the breath is fairly continuous, we descend further into the center. Here we may present this area with two options and notice the lighting resulting from each. We go with the brighter one. It’s really this simple.

Challenges of Perception

An issue that can arise is, we can cloud our own knowing with our beliefs about which one should be bright. It’s important to understand this light will never compromise, no matter what logic or reason or preference we throw at it. It is its blessing and its curse. We can deny it, we can add in fake illumination of ideas, we can threaten it. It does not change. This is what makes it so invaluable and worthwhile to develop our perception to see it.

Evolving Perception

In Eros, the greatest prayer and work is to develop perception subtle enough to sense and strong enough to penetrate darkness so we can see this tiny, simple light. The only way to evolve is to move to where it is, and away from where it is not.

— If we want to live into that great vision of who we are, we do not overextend until we are out of the light, but rather make tiny, progressive movements toward the light. —

We may be incredibly far from that vision but moving there without this line is futile. It will only collapse. The truth then is simple: this or that; brighter or less bright lighting; move in the direction where the lighting gets brighter. Repeat.

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