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Fullness Cushions Reactivity

Published May, 2024

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If we want something to change into its highest form, we must be with it and respond to its deepest requests. Those requests may or may not fit into our preferences. In OM, we open our repertoire for energetic response to all gradients.

— We stroke open what is averse, we release open what grabs for affinity, and we learn to attune the attention to what it otherwise cannot track. —

Potential preferences are opened equally and with simultaneous access to each so that consciousness, located in the very center, has optionality—the option to respond to whatever call comes in—with smooth, stable, continuous attention.

Clearing Preferences

Once our grips to preferences are cleared, a universal connection is made and we are able to strengthen the power of the connection we experience with life. Those moments where we feel confused, lost, cut off, averse to, or hungry become fewer and fewer as a state of fulfillment floods in through the connection. At a certain point, both in OM and in our lives, the fullness expands out so far we are no longer holding it; instead, we are inside of it. In other words, it is not centralized in one area. It spreads through and beyond us.

books on feminine power and connection

This field that now surrounds us is sentient, alive, and dynamic.

— It extends our capacity to send and receive information in and with the world beyond mere physical contact. —

It also acts as a sheath for the physical, absorbing impact from that world so whatever enters does so through this softness. We work to maintain this field. It’s the difference between impact cushioned by skin and muscle and impact hitting straight to the bone.

A Vertical Sentience

This field or sheath that surrounds us is the vertical body, musculature, and dimension we develop. It allows for much less reactivity in our lives as there is now an energetic shock absorber rather than direct impact. Nothing about the generation of this buffer has anything to do with feeling or sensing less. It is not something that numbs or blocks. It is vertical sentience that extends beyond the skin. This sentience simply allows us to feel things in an accurate way. 

Emotional Accuracy

Sadness remains sadness, anger remains anger, attack still feels like attack. In fact, our perception is likely more, not less, acute.

— The difference is, the sensory experience is not reduced to the “impact” location of the merely physical; it is spread out into our other “bodies”—sensory, emotional, spiritual, Erotic. —

Stimuli are not experienced to any lesser degree. Instead, stimuli are rightfully distributed to include the subjective and thus causal and responsive parts of our being. With this rightful distribution we are able to access deeper states of wisdom about what the feeling means and about how to respond. The mind that presides over this experience-translating process, the Erotic mind, is a more fluent, accurate translator than the high-anxiety tumescent mind.

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