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Eros Has Us Make Choices That Feed Life

Published May, 2024

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Eros takes an unconventional approach to guiding us. It does not give much credence to the power of self-will, knowing it can knock self-will, discipline, and applied morality out of the most earnest spiritual seekers. More often than not, self-will simply drives the expression of “non-spiritual” behaviors underground only to be brought to the surface with scandals. What we come to discover, in truth, is that we all have the same drives; trying to cut them off just means they will happen in secrecy.

— It is the secrecy that creates pathology, not the drives themselves. —

So, the whole, big, dramatic process of renunciation and self-discipline—while it may provide fodder for the spiritual ego—has not, in fact, made for a better humanity.

Illusion of Virtue

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It looks better on the surface, perhaps, but when we have Erotic vision and can see into people’s closets, we see they have been made sick by their secrets. Instead, Eros says the whole playing field is open. Nothing is off-limits. We are adults; we choose. 

— Eros does not pretend to be a parent who will protect us, but a force that will give us the resilience, power, and vision to emerge into our life. —

 Eros will not impose any type of prescriptive morality on us. What it will do instead is give us the capacity to sense and feel for ourselves. 

Guiding Principles

Although the lines between virtuous and non-virtuous behaviors are a bit different in Eros, the fundamental notion is the same: to operate for the highest benefit of all, the highest benefit being the greatest access to pure, unadulterated life.

— Not because we are good or virtuous, but because this is the means to access the only thing that is real, the only thing that is gratifying. —

True Fulfillment

The second thing Eros does is fill us with what we are actually seeking. As a result of our hands being so full, so flooded open, the gripping and grasping and consumption causing so much suffering proves entirely unnecessary. It’s not a starving person starving themselves in order to be good, to eventually—in this life or the next—get fed. Rather, Eros feeds us real nourishment, and a miraculous thing occurs. No longer driven by scarcity and lack, we have the presence of mind to make choices that feed the life in and around us.

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