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Defining Tumescence

Published May, 2024

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Tumescence is felt like a swelling, a buildup of pressure caused by the body’s natural response to physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual arousal.

— It is encoded with a message that it needs relief and release. —

That release comes through in the forms of reactivity: fight, flight, freeze, or fawning behavior. It is a collection of energy that takes on its own life and gets activated with the introduction of arousal. In many traditions, we must merely subdue it. In this tradition, we exploit it and convert it to energy that we will use to further power our attention.

Familiar Stranger

Tumescence often feels like a stranger, though it is not an unfamiliar feeling within us. It is a constant gathering of sensations, emotions, ideas, and experiences—of raw Erotic wants and needs. When we experience this arousal, we begin to fill. 

— We feel a rise in our bodies, our hearts begin to beat faster, our spirits awaken, we become more aware, we feel more alive. —

We experience the desire to cast aside convention, to expose our true self, to live from our primal, animal nature.

books with feminine rage

Optimal Arousal

We aim to be in the optimal sweet spot with arousal, both in terms of opening to it and then directing it. Reaching that spot requires using our attention to direct the energy released in arousal. Any energy we do not consciously hold in our attention, or do not discharge, turns to tumescence. The result is an undirected activation of drive that overstimulates our instincts.

Consequences of Mismanagement

So few have been trained to work with tumescence that consequently, what the vast majority of us end up with is negative tumescence—a kind of inflammation of the psyche—because we do not confront the tumescent energy until it actually “turns negative.”

— Were we to harness and direct it at the beginning of its building, while it was still neutral, it would occur as pleasurable arousal, inspiration, power, and joy. —

Instead, it accumulates and becomes stuck in the body, and occurs as agitation, discomfort, or pain.

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