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Climax Consciousness

Published May, 2024

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More often than not, we do not confront tumescence. We allow it to build, we neglect it, and we assume it will go away. Or we try to starve the underlying desire until we’re weak enough that the tumescent desire locks into control.

— It continues to build until it is so uncomfortable that the only solution is a kind of massive discharge or low-grade chronic stress that erodes our health and consciousness. —

This process of permitting tumescent energy to build in the background without directing it with attention until the only relief we can get is a “discharge” of some kind is called climax consciousness.

Short-Term Relief

— Climax consciousness is concerned with the short-term relief of massive release rather than the long-term relief that comes from confronting tumescence. —

This long-game relief is guided by attention to remain in a “dropped-in” state outside of time and internal narrative. But from the location of the dropped-in state, the natural result is the excellence Eros wants to nurture in all.

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Neglected Energy

Climax consciousness results from neglect of tumescent energy, which can either be our worst nightmare or, when harnessed, our most vital resource. Discomfort builds until it must be addressed, reaching a point where there is an urgency to release it. Climax consciousness results in a mind locked in its aim toward that perceived relief of release. Tumescent pockets are areas of stuck energy in the body. There are places in the body where the energy of an experience has gotten stuck. Tumescence locks against the experience instead of opening to it.

— As we progress in practice, we will learn to tap into those pockets of stuck energy and run them out in such a way that activating them does not occlude consciousness.

We learn to consciously combust, or better, utilize tumescence, and thus produce the relief we are looking for without entering into the intermittent release and suffering of climax consciousness.

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