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A Sensory Organ

Published May, 2024

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Our desire is a sensory organ that travels with us through the world, feeling for the deeper things we want—the pleasures of connection and love and a feeling of belonging that will bring us into the fullness of who we are.

— The desire for those experiences is often squeezed out of our lives based on our ideas about what’s right or appropriate, what we should be doing in any given moment, or who we aspire to be. —

When we impose a limiting idea on desire, we can feel the constriction; our body contracts and becomes tight. We can gauge the condition of our relationship with desire by how fluid our body feels.

A Natural State

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Eros teaches us that the natural state of the body is anything but mysterious—that the very sensation we are looking for when making love is always within us. It’s the sensation of desire met, feeling deeply gratified. We aim for gratification, not satisfaction. Being satisfied means we’re full and don’t need more while the feeling of gratification is conferred when we’re both having and wanting simultaneously. There is a gap between the two—room for growth and becoming

— and when we cohabitate with desire, when we are in a clear, unimpeded, responsive relationship with our desire, that dynamic tension becomes our dwelling. —

This feeling of gratification is not going to happen by way of our desire serving us. We can convince ourselves that it will, but desire doesn’t work that way. We will only attain what we seek when we serve desire.

Natural Order

This is the natural order of things, which we may offer our participation at any time. The moment we acknowledge, respect, and most importantly, can feel Eros moving inside us, all the filters fall away. We’re no longer in our heads. We are in our bodies, fully present with moment-to-moment experience; everything opens and we feel ease, joy, and radiance.

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