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The Eros Platform is the first and only online monastery dedicated to the teachings of Eros—the vital life force encompassing love, creativity, and transformation.
The Platform offers a path toward unconditional freedom, where you discover the power of intimacy with all aspects of life: from the profane and the profound.
What are the 4 Pillars of Eros

Your life is in motion, and the pillars guide you towards the motion you desire in your life. Feel at home in your body, create deeper connections, release stuck patterns, and find out who you are and what lights you up.


Bring yourself back to the fullness of who you are.


Enter into the world of connection to establish intimacy with your relationships.


Surrender to the body, and it’s vulnerabilities, to learn the language of intuition

Erotic Justice

Offering your unique contribution to the world

We guide you through this evolution by offering:
Self-discovery courses
Curated events with special guests
Richly intimate creative digital content
A vibrant community interacting in real time
How your transformation takes shape:
Unveil the layers of EROS with Online Courses
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"These courses left me feeling energized and electric and knowing myself better"

Photo of course member Jane Cooper
Jane Cooper
United States
Join Live Events hosted by the master teachers of EROS
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“I love connecting through all of the different perspectives and shares. I feel deeply nourished.”

Photo of course member Jen
United Kingdom
Join in a vibrant Community of like-minded students
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“I appreciated how honest people would share about themselves. I rarely have the opportunity to hear the things that people were talking about at this event. I felt renewed from this experience.”

Photo of course member Ana Peña
Ana Peña
United States
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Learn how the Eros Platform is helping others discover resonance within their lives.
Photo of testimonial author Esther Howard

"I am really grateful to be back in the classroom with these absolutely genius teachers. There is nothing like it."

Esther Howard United States

Photo of testimonial author Steven

"The content is set up in a way that there is this ease in the presentation of the material. I am so happy with it."

Steven United States

Photo of testimonial author Leslie Davis

"It’s the personal work I’ve been yearning for."

Leslie Davis United States

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