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Vajrayogini, Psychedelics, & Tibetan Buddhism — A Talk by Lama Mike Crowley

Join us on the Eros Platform on Thursday, January 25th, at 11am for a talk by author Lama Mike Crowley. A Vajrayana lama since 1970 and a member of the advisory board of the national Psychedelic Sangha, Lama Mike is the author of two books that explore the intersection of Tibetan Buddhism and psychedelics. A prolific podcast guest and colorful speaker, we’re honored that he is taking some time during his visit to the Eros Monastery at The Land to sit down with us.

About Lama Mike Crowley

Lama Mike Crowley, also known as Lama Thubten Yeshe, is a prominent figure known for his exploration of the intersection between Tibetan Buddhism and psychedelics. He has dedicated his life to studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism, eventually becoming a respected Lama within the tradition.

Crowley gained recognition through his groundbreaking work, "Secret Drugs of Buddhism: Psychedelic Sacraments and the Origins of the Vajrayana" where he delves into the historical and spiritual aspects of psychoactive substances within certain Tibetan Buddhist sects. He argues that within specific Tibetan Buddhist rituals, psychoactive substances had been employed to facilitate altered states of consciousness, potentially leading to deeper insights and spiritual growth. Crowley's work suggests that the use of these substances could be integrated into traditional religious practices, fostering a unique perspective on the convergence of ancient spiritual traditions and contemporary consciousness exploration.

His writings and ideas have sparked considerable debate and interest within the realms of Tibetan Buddhism and the study of psychedelics. They continue to influence discussions on the role of psychedelics in spirituality and their potential impact on religious and mystical experiences. His work serves as a bridge between Tibetan Buddhism and the world of psychedelic exploration, making him a notable figure in the ongoing dialogue surrounding these subjects.


Introduction to Vajrayogini
Niguma, Naropa, and Vajrayana
Significance of Vajra and Bell
Understanding Catvanga in Tantra
Symbolism of Sun and Moon Discs
The Kartika: Ritual Dagger Explained
Mystery of the 51 Skulls
The Five Skulls in Vajrayogini Tantra
Deep Dive into Vajrayogini Practice
Gampopa, Milarepa, and Tibetan Buddhism
Exploring the Drukpa Kagyu Tradition
Advanced Vajrayogini Practice Insights
Q&A: Vajrayogini and Vajrayana Questions
Deities and Psychedelics Learning Experience
Intersection of Psychedelics and Tantra
Closing Thoughts on Vajrayogini and Tantra