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The Eros Sutras are a canon for the soul, written as a prism through which to grasp the various workings of the Erotic. Set in contrast, as the complement to masculine ascendant tradition, the Eros Sutras offer a framework for apprehending the descending path of the soul with the proposition that it will only be with the full development of both the aim of spiritual practice and the interior workings of the soul that the individual will realize the totality of being.

These sutras arrive as a collection of writings that lay out how the mind, physical body, and various energetic bodies interrelate and are related to most optimally. At their core, the Eros Sutras serve to inform a person that the ultimate language and key to all things is love. This love may appear in many different forms the reader learns to recognize, from difficult experiences meant to grow a person to desire drawing them forward into the unknown.

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