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AI and the Concept of Self: Deep Insights with Reese Jones

AI and the Self: A Philosophical Exploration with Reese Jones | Week 15 Deep Dive

Join Reese Jones as we delve into the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence and the concept of 'self'. As AI continues to evolve, how does it challenge our understanding of identity, consciousness, and the essence of being human?

๐Ÿ” Topics Covered:

The philosophical implications of AI on the notion of self.
How AI is reshaping our understanding of identity and consciousness.
The future trajectory of AI and its impact on human self-perception.

About the Instructor

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Reese Jones
Reese Jones is a Berkeley biophysicist, inventor, and investor; heโ€™s studied brain metabolism imaging focused on schizophrenia, developed several popular internet technologies and worked on psychedelic therapies.