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Desire Contract Podcast Episode Two

Join Anjuli, Courtney, Vanessa, and Aubrey, four women speak about the power of desire bringing you alive. They are collectively artist, business woman, actress, and coach. Each took a personal leap towards letting the voice of their desire light their way forward.

About the Instructors

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Aubrey Fuller
Our Eros Sutra librarian, Aubrey Fuller is a deep researcher of the feminine and brings her knowledge of feminine wisdom to the classes she teaches. As Program Holder for Art School, senior instructor for the OM Center, teacher on the platform, and Eros Sutra maven, she reminds people of the rightness and beauty of the feminine path and inspires us to enjoy the ride it offers us with love and permission. Aubrey has been walking the Erotic path and practicing Orgasmic Meditation for 15 years, and teaching for 14.
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Courtney Walker
Courtney Walker is a writer and creative currently working on a book (along with a daily broadcast) about Black culture and the Erotic. As a passionate advocate for the whole of black culture to remember and reclaim the culture’s inherent power, she speaks to the beauty and strength within the Black community, drawing inspiration from its rich history and complex narratives. As well, she is also helping to launch the global movement of Women Over Dinner, hoping to bring greater connection amongst women to acknowledge and embrace their inestimable power.
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Anjuli Ayer
Anjuli is the CEO of OneTaste, a company founded on the principles of feminine power. More recently she’s been the founder of Institute of OM, the leading education institution for Orgasmic Meditation (OM), and the company behind The Eros Platform. Her early career in media upstarts was halted by a series of serious illnesses. After a multi-year journey of trying tens of healing modalities, both western and non-conventional, she discovered Eros and began exploring her desire. This exploration led to a steady practice in OM, a personal profound restoration of health and vibrancy, and a return to her career. Only this time, her career became dedication to the body of work and practice which changed her life. Her mission is to provide all women the opportunity she was afforded along her journey.
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Vanessa Lengies
Vanessa Lengies is co-founder of the Women Over Dinner movement, which fosters a conversation around women’s power, sisterhood, and sexuality. Vanessa has a thriving career as an actress with over two decades experience in film and television, including memorable roles in “Glee” and “Stick It”.