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AoS Book Club Series with Beth Wareham

Join co-author Beth Wareham and a panel of women for a weekly book club series. This intimate conversation will leave you re-examining your notions of what’s possible in your life.




Each week you will:

• Explore one chapter of the 26-week workbook on excavating your life and rebuilding it in line with the calling of your soul.

• Hear inspiration and a “behind-the-scene” look at the chapter from Beth

• Listen to personal stories of “soulmaking” from Bookclub participants, working with the chapter

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About the Instructors

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Beth Wareham
Beth Wareham is a longtime writer, editor, and publicist, with an extensive list of blockbuster books behind her including The Joy of Cooking and Animals in Translation. She has three of her own—two nonfiction and one novel—and has ghostwritten countless others. After long career at Simon and Schuster, Beth’s life circumstances led her on her own personal journey, which then led to joining Soulmaker Press as an editor and publicist beginning with writing The Art of Soulmaking alongside author Nicole Daedone
Profile image for Sofia Platti
Sofia Platti
Sofia is a Spokeswoman of the Red Thread Women's Movement and has been a practitioner of OM and the Eros Path for 8 years. Interested particularly in the impact of women moving from external value to inner value, she is currently writing a book on her experience on the path through the Eros Sutras.
Profile image for Rachel Regan
Rachel Regan
Rachel is a Business Consultant and an 8 year practitioner of Orgasmic Meditation. Her Passion is infusing all Business arenas whether For-Profit or Non-Profit with connection. Currently the Prison Monastery Volunteer Program Manager, on a mission to reach 700,000 Art Of Soulmaking practitioners this year.
Profile image for Jason Davis
Jason Davis
Jason is a peace advocate, author, poet, gang specialist, mental health advocate and father. Jason grew up in gangs in Harlem, NY, rising to become a high-ranking shot caller. He has since converted his entire set to nonviolence while using his leadership and his set as a force of positivity in his community.