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A Talk on Tibetan Buddhism: An Evening with Drupon Chongwol-La

Join us for an evening with Tibetan Buddhism teacher Drupon Chongwol-la, a sought after teacher for many Tibetan Buddhist students in Korea, Brazil, America, and around the world.

During the evening, Chongwol-la will offer an introduction to the fundamental principles and a few basic practices from the Tibetan tantric yoga traditions.

The evening will serve as the opening night for "Fire and Wisdom," a 4-day urban retreat on Tibetan Buddhism, cultivating power and wisdom through practices of mantra, meditation, visualization, and ceremony.

About the Instructor

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Chongwol-la is the drupon, or ‘retreat leader’ for a prominent Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Raised between the US and Korea, Chongwol is a long time practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and began his studies at age 10 and has spent time in various Buddhist lineages. His transmission is nuanced and accessible as he possesses a unique command of both Western and Eastern languages and conceptual understanding.