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Is This All There Is? Navigating The Midlife For Purpose

We all know what should make us happy. It starts with good grades, then the right job, the perfect spouse, the children and house. The pet and the vacations. You may have had some, all, or none of that.  But the conclusion is the same: you weren’t led to the fulfilled, joyful life you were told awaited for you checking the boxes. Some call the onset of this wandering unhappiness a midlife crisis. It can be that dramatic, or not. We’re left with the question, what actually will make me happy? What are my values now?

Is This All There Is? Navigating The Midlife For Purpose
What is Eros?
Eros originates in the body. Rather than looking outside ourselves or looking to any set of rules to guide us, in Eros we look inwards because we recognize that all the wisdom we need to live a full and fulfilling life resides within us already. We just need to access it.

Are you feeling like you're at a crossroads, questioning the life you've built and what truly brings you joy? You're not alone. The journey through midlife can often bring about a period of intense reflection and, sometimes, a crisis that shakes the very foundation of what we believed would make us happy.

From the outside, it might seem like you've ticked all the boxes of a successful life: a stable job, a loving family, a home, and even the yearly vacations that are the hallmark of 'having made it.' Yet, there's a nagging feeling inside, a whisper that asks, "Is this all there is?" This realization can come at any age, whether in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, and it often leads to a profound questioning of your values and the pursuit of happiness.

The term 'midlife crisis' might conjure images of drastic changes or impulsive decisions, but the reality is often much more subtle and deeply personal. It's a time when the formula for happiness we've been following no longer seems to fit, and the quest for meaning becomes paramount. This time in one’s life is about discovering what resonates with you now, at this stage in your life, and redefining your path to fulfillment.

Countless others have walked this path and found their way to a life of deeper meaning and satisfaction. Your story is just beginning to unfold, and the next chapters are yours to write.

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