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Art of Play

Play consciousness is the highest form of relating

If you can play in life, you can find play anywhere. Play is a state of consciousness that allows us to experience joy, freedom, and creativity. Play is not limited to recreational activities, but rather encompasses a mindset that can be applied to all aspects of life. It is a way of engaging with the world that involves loosening our grip on rigid beliefs and entering fully into the present moment. Play requires skill and the ability to see beyond narrow perspectives, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the game of life. It is through play that we can tap into our true selves and express authentically for the purpose of mutual liberation.

Play is the activity of perfection. If everything in existence is part of the divine, we no longer need to guard against the "un-divine" and can engage with life in a playful manner, appreciating its nuances and delights, instead of striving to fix or change things.

Estimated length: 31 minutes

Difficulty: Beginner

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About the Instructors

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Yia Vang
Yia Vang is an author, set to release her first book in October 2024—a heartfelt memoir about her mother's life and their relationship through food. With 19 years of experience as a teacher and lead instructor of OM, Yia has guided hundreds of people to access deeper and more intimate lives. A passionate writer, she finds joy in the beauty of words and the art of food, intertwining her love for both in her work and teachings.
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Courtney Walker
Courtney Walker is a writer and creative currently working on a book (along with a daily broadcast) about Black culture and the Erotic. As a passionate advocate for the whole of black culture to remember and reclaim the culture’s inherent power, she speaks to the beauty and strength within the Black community, drawing inspiration from its rich history and complex narratives. As well, she is also helping to launch the global movement of Women Over Dinner, hoping to bring greater connection amongst women to acknowledge and embrace their inestimable power.