Art of Connection

Applying the principles of Orgasmic Meditation in your everyday life

One of the most startling realizations we have as we travel the path of Eros is that we exist in relationship with all of life. We may not have had the burning bush experience where we look out and see in an instant of blinding light that there are visible lines of connection between all things, but we have some idea that this is how it works. We begin to see beneath the world of appearances where everything looks separate and static, and open our vision to the interconnected, mutually influencing nature of life. Orgasmic Meditation is a practice that opens us to that interconnectedness.

This course is created as a guide for how to apply the principles of Orgasmic Meditation to your daily life. Using the Eros Sutras, we delve into exercises, examples, and more advanced OM content, to learn how to hone the skills of OM both in the practice, and in the practice of life itself.

Estimated length: 95 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

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About the Instructor

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Eli Block
Eli Block is a teacher and trainer of the Eros Philosophy and OM content on both The Eros Platform and at The Eros Monastery. Born to a psychologist and a Zen Buddhist, he has been meditating since childhood. Eli is a lead instructor of the men’s program and he’s passionate about realigning our understanding of gender, sexuality, and orgasm with nature.