Art of Addiction

Reframe the journey of addiction as the beautiful, soulful path that it is
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The Art of Addiction reframes the journey of addiction as the beautiful, soulful path that it is, distinct from traditional recovery narratives. It embraces the enjoyment and desire inherent in addiction, viewing it as an integral part of life's spiritual journey. Using the wisdom of the Eros Sutras as a guide, this course offers a deep understanding of addiction as a means to connect with self, others, and dignity. Designed for those in any stage of addiction or recovery, it invites participants to explore the depths of their experiences, intimately honoring the full spectrum of their journey with respect.

This course goes into particularly charged and sensitive territory and proposes new ideas that could potentially bring up reactivity in you. It also discusses addiction to both behaviors and substances. If you feel like this would be triggering for you, consider taking a different course. This could be considered one of our most controversial courses; there are others that are somewhat less intense. They all challenge culturally accepted norms, but this one perhaps most especially.

What if addiction is merely the accelerated path for spiritual adventurers who want to know the whole of life and not just the upper echelons? Those who want to learn in practice and experience, from the inside out. To be stripped of the pride that would separate, and the superiority that would be able to judge. To get their hands dirty and feet wet in the mud of the soul.

This is a roadmap into the practice of addiction. It was written to reclaim a path long forgotten, one where darkness, chaos, and volition are restored and reintegrated. Through this course, a certain unfurling of the psyche and the body take place. This gives us both permission and a container to let addiction and recovery do their work.

Estimated length: 56 minutes

Difficulty: Intermediate

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About the Instructors

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Rachel Cherwitz
Rachel is a lover of all things wild. Wildlife, wild animals, the unhoused, the incarcerated, addicts, and women. She believes in rewilding humanity. At their essence, the sutras remind us who we are: intimate love. Rachel believes that by turning toward the discarded parts of ourselves and asking “how can I love even this?,” we are bestowed with the greatest gift: loving the unlovable and turning poison into medicine.
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Courtney Walker
Courtney Walker is a writer and creative currently working on a book (along with a daily broadcast) about Black culture and the Erotic. As a passionate advocate for the whole of black culture to remember and reclaim the culture’s inherent power, she speaks to the beauty and strength within the Black community, drawing inspiration from its rich history and complex narratives. As well, she is also helping to launch the global movement of Women Over Dinner, hoping to bring greater connection amongst women to acknowledge and embrace their inestimable power.